Wall Bracket for Mini Rail

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Wall Bracket for Mini Rail

Wall Bracket to fit the 25mm x 21 mm Slotted Mini Rail – Grade 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel in a satin polished finish

Enables you to terminate a Mini Rail system securely to a wall with hidden fixings. Works with the 25mm x 21mm square section slotted Mini Rail and finished with a satin (dull) polish.

Creates a solid tied back fix for any Mini Rail system without the need for welding or fabrication. Easy to install, giving a tidy professional finish to the handrail.




Weight0.06 kg
Dimensions3 × 5 × 5 cm

5000mm, 2500mm

Glass Thickness

10mm, 12mm

Number of Cuts

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

To fix handrail components we recommend you make sure the rail and component are clear of dust, filings or grease.

  1. Mark out the area the rail terminated at the wall. Do this by laying a section of installed handrail over the glass (without gasket).
  2. Remove the handrail and place the wall bracket with the marked area.
  3. Using a pencil mark the fixing hole position within the bracket. Remove the bracket once marked
  4. Drill a hole in the wall using the corresponding drill bit for the material being drilled.
  5. If needed place a raw-plug in the hole drilled.
  6. Place the bracket over the drilled hole area and insert screw or bolt into the hole and tighten screw until the bracket is secure.
  7. Follow the Mini Rail install instructions, but before placing the rail over the gasket insert the first end into the bracket, then push down the rail onto the glass gasket.
  8. If the other end of the rail is also being secured with a wall bracket, insert the bracket over the rail. Once the rail is in position make sure the rail bracket slots over a pre-installed wall screw using the keyhole at the back of the bracket, or screw the bracket to the wall if the part used a fixing lug above the bracket profile.
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