Frameless Glass Juliet Balconies

Glass Juliet Balconies are Strong yet simple in design

Our Glass Juliet Balconies are designed to offer a stylish modern uninterrupted look. The simple but strong design allows you to create a safe glass safety barrier for your raised opening.

Also know as Romeo and Juliette Balconies or French Balconies all our designs are tested to meet all domestic planning and building control requirements and loadings. Based on three principle designs the final look and finish of the most suitable design can be customised to your needs. Glass thicknesses between 12mm and 17.5mm can be accommodated. With a choice of rail finish between a rectangular profile rail or an oval style rail, will create you larger choice on the final finish.

Modern and sleek design of glass juliette balconies, with minimal disruption to your view. Comes in three principle designs, with Top & Bottom handrails, Top Only Handrail (with round bottom support brackets) and Handrail free using laminated glass. Also the design can come in a contemporary rectangular low profile rails or with stylish oval handrails.

The system standoffs from the wall by 80mm, while keeping under the 100mm gap requirements needed for any railing solution, the 80mm gap should easily accommodate door sills and lintels.

The stainless steel components used are made from a grade known as Duplex (2205). This has a very high tensile strength and exhibits a high resistance to corrosion even in marine environments. This grade of steel was initially developed to be used as engineering parts for oil rigs due to its strength and non-corrosive attributes.

A very strong design that exceeds all the domestic glass juliette balconies loading requirements of the Building Standard legislation.  Easy to maintain due to the high quality materials used.

Bespoke Manufacture for various different opening sizes. Rail and standoff fittings accept different types of fixing bolts meaning the system can be installed on various build materials and build designs.

Straight forward installation that is suitable for any competent DIYer, builder, joiner or handy person. Modular design that requires no fabrication onsite, glueing or welding.

No specialist tools needed to install. All that is required is a tape measure, sprit level, masonry drill, socket set and an Allen Key.

All our glass balustrade systems are manufactured in our UK based factory to the strict Factory Control System meeting all UK Building Regulations & Standards including BS6399 and BS6180

If your looking for more inspiration or ideas please take a look at our project gallery

Features Of Elite Vista Glass Juliet Balconies

With the Elite Vista Juliet Balcony range, you can get a stylish and easy to install glass safety barrier for your Juliette balconies openings.

Top & Bottom Rail Glass Juliet Design

  • Standard Panel Sizes – For Openings from 1000mm – 1900mm

Top Rail Standoff Glass Juliet Design

  • Standard Panel Sizes – For Openings from 1000mm – 1900mm

Frameless Glass Juliet Design – No Handrail

  • Standard Panel Sizes – For Openings from 1000mm – 1300mm

Our glass clamp free design uses our strong grade 2205 duplex stainless steel slotted rails and support brackets to create a secure Juliet balcony design. The unique design of glass and rail support brackets support panes of 12mm laminated toughened glass, for openings up to 1900mm in width. The high grade 2205 Duplex stainless steel used in the rails and brackets are ideal to use in all environmental conditions including coastal areas. 

The handrail profiles used for the Elite Vista Range of Juliets are slotted that allow the whole edge of the glass Top or Bottom to be supported.

Designed with ease of use in mind, choose a handrail profile to meet your project design needs. Two railing designs are available including the 40mm x 30mm rectangular slotted rail design or the 60mm  x 30mm oval profile design.

Elite Vista Juliet Balcony - Juliette Balconies Features

Juliet Balcony Design Options


The glass is supported with our edge support standoff brackets. This is supported in place with a top mounted Elite Vista Mini Rail.



The glass is supported with a bottom and top mounted Elite Vista Mini Rail. To glass holders or clamps visible as the glass is held within the rail’s slotted profile.



Single panel designs and no-handrails needs. When looking at handrail free designs the size of the opening is restricted by the size of a single panel. We recommend that no-handrail designs are restricted to opening of 1300mm or less.

  • The highest quality materials used – Ultra Marine Grade Duplex Stainless Steel.
  • Rectangular or Oval shaped handrail designs, as well as no-handrail options.
  • Toughened safety glazing – laminated glass used if used without a top rail (opening size dependent)
  • Use of high grade Duplex stainless steel components
  • High tensile strength and load capabilities
  • Suitable for extreme marine environments
Elite Vista Juliet – Juliette Balconies Support

Elite Vista Juliet Balconies Support

Most orders can be turnaround within 10 days of receipt of payment.

  • Glass supplied is hole free, cutting costs and makes for an easier install
  • Designs bespoke to project needs for various opening sizes up to 3000mm
  • Secure packaging and efficient delivery service

High Grade Stainless Steel Components, Duplex 2205

All components are manufactured from Marine Grade 2205 Duplex stainless steel which offers superior corrosion resistance in coastal locations, or in areas with high chloride, humidity and pollution levels. This superior grade of stainless steel also provides a high strength solution due to the strong tensile properties of the steel alloy. This makes it an ideal solution for a discrete but strong glass support component designs.

Glass types and colours

Glass used is typically 12mm toughened clear glass for the handrail designs and 13.5mm toughened laminated glass for no-handrail designs. We can also offer a range of options with coloured or opaque / translucent glass. Other glass thicknesses can be accommodated up to 17.5mm in thickness.

Elite Vista Juliet – Installation

Made to measure easy to install solution

  • No fabrication required onsite
  • No specialist use of tools required
  • Full Installation instructions provided with the order
  • More flexible tolerances as compared to traditional Juliette Balconies designs

The design stand-off’s the glass 80mm from the wall / fixing point.

This 80mm standoff allows to keep the design wit the permitted safety rail gaps to less than 99mm, preventing the accidental trapping of children of body parts. The 80mm standoff also helps to avoid most drip sills on door opening systems, and door handles designs.

All systems will need to be fixed with the upper edge of the Juliet rail or glass to be at least 1100mm high from the door threshold base. This is a building  standard requirement and any lower fixes will have to be incorporated into our designs.

Elite Vista Juliet – Installation

Elite Vista Juliet Case Studies

Our recent case studies showcase some of our completed Juliet Balcony designs and projects.


Elite Vista Juliet Further Information

Visit our technical resource center to learn more about the Elite Vista Juliet Systems, download technical details, drawings and product guides.

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