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Frameless Glass Balustrade – Using Aluminium Glazing Channel effortlessly define boundaries without interruption, offering incomparable safety standards and the perfect finish to create a stylish external frameless glass balustrade solution.

Frameless glass balustrade designs are a very popular design and our glazing channel systems are extremely versatile and is suitable for a variety of installations. These include most external glass balustrade needs including glass balconies, safety railings around a raised deck or patio area and roof top terraces. The frameless options of glass balustrade are a very popular solution for architectural features incorporated into many new builds and renovations. They offer a stylish and contemporary safety railing with clearer views, more light, and potential added value to a property. However, frameless glass balustrade designs are constantly evolving to offer more variety in both aesthetic look and fixing method. At Elite Balustrade we will take time a look and understand your project needs and advise on the various design options, their features and benefits.

There are two main ways for fitting glazing channel profile, Base (Top) Mounted and Side Mounted designs. Dependant on your fixing scenario, different profiles of the base and side mount designs will allow to accommodate these needs. As the experts at Elite Balustrade we will advise you on the best fixing profile to meet your balustrade needs. We do have many examples of frameless projects that have used our Frameless Glazing Channel and our Frameless Mini Post spigots. We are happy to share details of these via our blogs, or check out our gallery of inspirational solutions. This versatility of option leads to extra flexibility in reaching the most suitable solution for bespoke installation and design requirements. Designed to accept glass thicknesses from 12mm to 21.5mm dependent on use and application.

Glass options do vary depending on your use, the style required and if your looking to incorporate a handrail or go with a true frameless look. Our downloadable product guide explains and shows your glass thickness and other options and associated loadings to meet current building legislation and British Standards BS6180. The general rule of thumb is toughened sheets of glass require a handrail to meet building control, while toughened laminated glass is a requirement when a glass balustrade without a handrail is used.


Elite Frameless Glazing Channel Balustrade Overview

Effortlessly Define Your Boundaries

Our frameless glass balustrade effortlessly define boundaries without interruptions, offering incomparable safety standards and the perfect finish to any balcony, decking or patio area.

Designed and manufactured to your exact requirements, your frameless glass balcony will match its reputation as the industry-leader in a glass railing system. Available with or without a stainless steel slotted handrail, it is the perfect finish to add a stylish and modern look to your property. Using the highest quality materials available, the final finish will enhance your build. Every penny invested will pay back in the highest quality finish and looks. Backed with our bespoke design service you will have a solution that will fit perfectly, with all lines and definition of the installation showcasing the professional eye for detail.

Available in glass thicknesses between 12mm and 21.5mm, in single toughened sheets or as laminated sheets. We can also offer tinted finishes in popular shades including bronze, grey, green or blue tints. For a flawless look and ideal for use with LED lit glass we recommend the use of low iron (Optiwhite) that allows a high transmission of light, ideal for illuminated balustrade options.

So effortlessly define your boundaries with the most sophisticated options of glazing channel solutions and choice of quality tested toughened and toughened laminated float glass.

Elite Frameless Glass Balustrade - Glazing Channel Systems


OnLevel 6000 Glazing Channel

BASE MOUNT “U SHAPE” – MODEL 6000 & 6010

The most popular and versatile member of the base mount Glazing Channel Family.

View “U” Base Range

Onlevel Model 3020 F Glazing Channel

BASE MOUNT “F SHAPE” – MODEL 3010 & 3020

The most powerful base mount Glazing Channel products in the 0.74kN application range.

View “F” Base Range

Onlevel Model 6021 Glazing Channel

SIDE MOUNT “U SHAPE” – MODEL 6011 & 6021

Intelligent solution for side mounted glazing applications. Developed for easy installations into steel or concrete.

View “U” Side Range

OnLevel Model 6000 Glazing Channel

SIDE MOUNT “Y SHAPE” – MODEL 3011 & 3021

One of the most flexible glazing channel products in the 0.74kN application range.

View “Y” Side Range

Frameless Glass Waterproof Membrane Balustrade

Frameless Glazing Channel Balustrade Support

We have an expert in-house design and project management team who deal with each project individually, creating a bespoke solution to meet exact requirements.

We offer CAD visualisations prior to commencing manufacturing and follow a rigorous quality control system to ensure the highest possible standards are achieved right up to point of delivery. So be assured you will get a perfect impression of the investment to be made, even before the goods are manufactured and despatched.

Working closely with both architects and home owners, we carry out site visits when required to provide our expert advice on the best system for the job. We take the time to understand the construction of the project and how best to install our systems safely. You will be offered the best expert advice, allowing you to be confident that recommended solutions will met all your project needs and requirements.

All our systems are supplied for easy self (DIY) install or for install by your builder or chosen installer. We provide full layout plans and instructions that enables anyone to install the supplied kit as designed. We provide this detail early in the process as part of the design approval process, assuring you have the time and understanding to plan your install with confidence. When it comes to the installation we are still here to help and support, so any questions can be confidently handled as they occur. More detail on the installation process follows in the next section of the website.

We are confident in the Frameless Glazing Channel performance and durability and offer our customers a full 10 year structural and part’s guarantee. We offer a full warranty document with every balustrade sale and also offer a limited extended 5 year warranty on glass at an additional cost.


Frameless Glazing Channel Balustrade Installation

The Glazing Channel Range of Balustrade can be installed on various different surfaces, with differing fixing challenges. With 4 designs available, you will find a channel profile to meet your fitting needs.

Elite Balustrade Systems provide full fitting instructions for each design, with bespoke instructions guiding you through your individual design plan. The success to any install is preparation. The strength of a balustrade is only as good a what your fitting to, and a strong structural sound substrate is key to a successful install. If work is required to strengthen the substrate, make sure this is carried out prior to starting your install. Suitable substrates include: concrete, masonry, steel, structural timber, blockwork. If the substrate moves prior to install, don’t install the balustrade until remedial work is undertaken.

Layout plans provided prior to manufacturer can be used to help you mark-out and prepare the area that will be taking the balustrade fittings. On some surfaces and designs, fittings can be pre-installed in line with the fitting guidelines. Only use fittings designed to work in the material they are designed for. This may vary from chemical fixings, threaded bar and bolts, or expandable bolts. Your local hardware store will advise the best solutions for your needs.

The key to a successful install is planning. Seek advice when unsure. Use the right tools for the job. Buy new drill bits, screw heads and socket set to enable a quality install. By investing in the right tools, you assure that your balustrade purchase is a good investment that will last for years.

Frameless Glass Balustrade - Install

Frameless Glazing Channel Balustrade Case Studies

Browse through our case studies showcasing our completed projects with our range of glass balustrade systems and composite decking solutions.

Further Information

Visit our Resource Centre for technical guidance and information. View installation videos, and find inspiration from out gallery of past projects below.

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