F Shaped Profile

Glazing Channel for use within or serving family dwellings, or residential occupancy.

Base Mounted Glazing Channel (F Shaped Profile).

Relatively light constructions can be used for applications in homes. The glass balustrade must be able to withstand 0.74KN per linear metre, and it exceeds this with loadings to 1kN.

This aluminium glass profile is suitable for top mounting and has a lengths of 2500 mm and 5000mm. This profile has a water drainage hole every meter.

Technical specifications

Base Mount Profile: 3010 | 1.0kN Top Mount

Type: Glass profile

Application: Inside and outside

Measurements: 2500mm x 140mm x 117mm or 5000mm x 140mm x 117mm

Material: Aluminium

Colour: Naturally anodized

Assembly: Top

Glass: 12mm – 21.52 mm

Packing unit: 1

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