Frameless Glass Balustrade Designs. Which Should You Choose?

A  frameless glass balustrade is a popular architectural feature for many new builds and renovations. They offer a stylish and contemporary safety railing with clearer views, more light, and potential added value to a property.  However, frameless glass balustrade designs are constantly evolving to offer more variety in both aesthetic look and fixing method.  Here, we will take a look at the various design options, their features and benefits, and the fixing scenarios they may be suitable for.

Channel Frameless Glass Balustrade

This stylish design holds the glass panels in place with an aluminium glazing channel with no need for any vertical posts.  Elite Balustrade Systems offer two base and two side mounted profiles for a versatile solution that meets a variety of installation scenarios.  What the frameless glass balustrade is fixing on to will pretty much determine which profile to choose, however, you may want to consider personal design preferences.  The side mounted channel enables only glass to be visible from the inside whereas it is a visible feature if based mounted.  However, if the channel needs to be base mounted, yet you prefer the glass panels to look flush with the surface edge, Elite Balustrade Systems may be able to help with the 3010 channel profile.

The channel frameless glass balustrade can be installed with or without a top rail depending on building control requirements, the glass thickness used, and your own preferences.  If you would like to use the balustrade for a resting or leaning point, a top rail would be ideal.  However, you may want your frameless balustrade without a top rail if it has no other purpose than it’s ultra modern and sleek look.

Channel frameless glass balustrade

Mini-Post Frameless Glass Balustrade

A stylish yet economical alternative to the channel design, the Mini-Post offers excellent value for a frameless glass balustrade without compromising on quality or safety.  Instead of an aluminium channel, two glass brackets hold each panel in place.  These are manufactured from Marine Grade 2205 Duplex stainless steel which offers superior corrosion resistance in coastal locations, or in areas with high chloride, humidity and pollution levels.

The Mini-Post frameless glass balustrade is extremely versatile and is suitable for a variety of installations including glass balconies, and safety railings around raised decking or patio areas, and roof top terraces.  There are four Mini-Post profiles available which are base, core, edge, or side mounted designs.  This versatility leads to extra flexibility in reaching the most suitable solution for bespoke installation and design requirements.

The Side Mounted Mini-Post is Elite Balustrade Systems’s latest addition.  This profile enables a completely frameless look to be achieved from the inside, whilst the Mini-Posts themselves add to the aesthetic beauty of the design form the outside.  The glass panels are held securely in place approximately 40mm from the edge, which creates a drainage solution not offered by other frameless glass balustrade designs, hence its suitability for rooftop terraces and raised decking areas.  The Mini-Post designs can be supplied and installed with a mini top rail which many people think adds the perfect finishing touch whilst others prefer it without.  Elite Balustrade Systems advise contacting your local building control department to double check if a mini top rail is required for your individual circumstances.  Furthermore, it is worth noting that glass thickness used in your frameless glass balustrade, and it’s location, will determine if a mini top rail is needed or not.

Mini-Post Frameless Balustrade for Decking

The Stand Off Frameless Glass Balustrade

This side mounted frameless glass balustrade design uses wall mountable stainless steel clamps to secure the glass panels in place.   The clamps are manufactured from Marine Grade 2205 duplex stainless steel for the most effective corrosion resistance.  However, it should be noted that if installation is in a coastal location, or area with high humidity, chloride, or pollution, then the glass clamps need to have a mirror polished finished rather than satin brushed.

One of the main advantages of stand off point fixing is that the clamps themselves add a whole new dimension to the design.  The way the stainless steel works with the glass to create this unique look is of major appeal to many people.  The stand off system is also well suited for railings on external stair ways and for frameless Juliet Balconies.

Frameless Glass Balustrade with Stand Off Clamps

If you have ideas about about a frameless glass balustrade for your outdoor spaces, let us help you turn these in to design and reality.  Elite Balustrade Systems have a committed team of designers who can help you understand what systems are feasible within the constraints of your budget and installation scenario.  We will also help you to visualise how your frameless glass balustrade will look prior to commencing installation giving you reassurance that the best possible solution has been chosen.  Call 01254 825594 or email sales@elitebalustrade.com for more information or advice.  Alternatively, you can enquire online, request a call back, and get a quote on our website.  

We look forward to hearing from you!

Published: 14th July 2017

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