A Brief History of the Juliet Balcony

A Juliet Balcony is one that doesn’t stand far from the wall and either has no platform to stand on.  Most commonly, they consist of a safety railing or balustrade on the outside of a window or door opening that is normally at first floor level or higher.  The Juliet Balcony has become a top priority amongst architects, builders, and renovators alike due to both their functional and aesthetic appeal.  Relatively easy to install, Juliet Balconies are well suited to a variety of property styles and they are an effective solution for letting more natural light and air into a room.  This is what many of us describe as bringing the outdoors in which opens up alternative possibilities for how to best utilise our living spaces.

Tinted Juliet Balcony

Traditionally, balconies were created for purely functional reasons; mainly for the need of extra light and air in heavy stone buildings.  However, the Juliet Balcony became a fashionable architectural statement on the European continent during the 18th and 19th centuries with their connotations of sophistication, elegance, and grandeur.  It was during the early 19th century that the Juliet balcony became more desirable in the UK.  This was known as Britain’s Regency Era; a period well known for romanticism, glamour, elegance, extravagance, and high fashion.  This is understood by many to have mirrored the characteristics of the monarchy at that time, namely George IV who, apparently led a very extravagant and free lifestyle.  This, along with a falling price for iron which allowed for more elaborate design, was a major influence behind the Juliet balcony as the fashionable architectural feature it was then, and is today.

Romeo and Julie balcony Scene

A common question is if the Juliet Balcony take its name after Shakespeare’s famous romantic play Romeo and Juliet?  Yes it did…, however an interesting point to make is that, in his original play, Shakespeare did not write about a balcony when Juliet recites her famous monologue.  It was only in subsequent performances that this was added which has become the famous iconic symbol of the play and other romantic literature.  Other ways in which our culture has played a role in the popularity of the Juliet Balcony may include; royal and religious addresses, pop stars waving to screaming fans from their hotel rooms whilst on tour, on board holiday makers waving to passer by’s from their cruise liner cabins, and famous movie moments such as Eva Peron’s balcony address to the Argentinian people.

New Elite Vista Glass Balustrade

Elite Balustrade Systems have recently launched a new concept glass Juliet Balcony with their Elite Vista design.  This offers a contemporary look within a tighter budget and comes with fixed panel sizes to meet a number of opening sizes from 1000mm to 4100mm.  The glass for the Elite Vista Juliet Balcony is supplied with no holes which offers greater flexibility in fixing the glass panels to the required opening.    Standoff glass holders are used to secure the panels in place and the look is completed with a stainless steel mini top rail.  An ideal solution if a quick turnaround is needed, the Elite Vista Juliet Balcony is normally available for delivery within 10 days of purchase.

If you would like more information about our Juliet Balcony range, we would be delighted to hear from you.  Please do not hesitate in contacting one of our team on 01254 825594 or email sales@elitebalustrade.com .

Published: 5th July 2017

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