Edge Mount Mini Post Terrace Project – Whitehaven

Working with Gill Brothers in Whitehaven we provided our Edge Mount Mini Post balustrade fittings for a stunning split terrace project designed and built by Gill Brothers. The resulting balustrade finishes the project beautifully. The transformation is stunning. Check out the project photos and the before and after images below.

A raised Gabon terraced area was a disused and overgrown area in a domestic garden in the Cumbrian town of Whitehaven. Gill Brothers looked at improving this area by building a traditional timber deck frame over the uneven terrace area, capped off with a plastic composite deckboard. The scope was to turn a usable part of the garden into a social hub in a spacious outdoor space.

Edge Mounted Mini Post Decking Balustrade 10


The introduction of the Elite Balustrade Edge Mounted Mini Post, a product designed with decking in mind has transformed the raised deck construction. In an unobstructed design the glass panels clearly show off the creation. The glass panels are also strengthened using the frameless balustrade panel stiffeners. Again these do to distract from the clear view of the panels and helps the overall look as well as increased strength and safety.

“Project built by and designed by Gill Brothers using Elite Balustrade Edge Mount Mini Post balustrade fixings.”