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Qwickbuild Structure


Bespoke Patio Area Utilising Qwickbuild Structure And Resortdeck Composite Decking

Following a visit to Grand Designs Live Exhibition, a customer from Southampton approached us regarding a new build project he was currently undertaking. He required a decking solution to surround two sides of the property and was extremely impressed with our qwickbuild aluminium sub-structure on display.

By visiting the show, he was able to get a real feel for the product and experience the quality of the system first hand, including the resortdeck composite decking boards.

By just utilising the building plans provided by the customer we were able to prepare a detailed quotation for the system together with installation prices and time frame for completion. The project was quickly secured and the design kick started by our in-house team.

Our intelligent decking system allows for a detailed bespoke design, making sure the solution presented to the client is exactly what was required without any compromises. Once the design visuals were approved by the customer, a total of 35 square metres of decking sub-structure was pre-fabricated in our workshop in just two weeks, the transported to site as made-to-measure sections ready for easy installation.

The decking system needed to be incorporated with custom made large windows and glass doors from Germany, which included a slot at the bottom of the frame to secure the decking boards for a seamless finish to the walkway. Using the adjustable jacks, we were able to make sure the level of the deck was extremely accurate to match the indoor/outdoor passage, even though the ground was uneven. When it came to slotting the composite decking boards into place, the job was easy and fast to complete thanks to the support of the aluminium frame and the intelligent stainless steel fasteners used to secure the boards to the frame, eliminating the need for time-consuming traditional fixing methods.

During this installation our team took extra care in making sure every detail was not overlooked, spending time to fit the decking structure around a number of visible drains, creating a tidy and smooth finish the client desired. The whole project was installed in just three days on site and complimented the high quality standards of the new build perfectly.

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