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Stunning Stainless Steel Balustrade & Balcony Railing Systems With Glass Panels

Our stainless steel balustrade enables you to create a cost effective safe and strong safety barrier to any area that is at significant height. The contemporary look of a brushed or high polish steel rail not only looks good, but is easy to maintain. Various grade of steel is available for different applications, such as indoor, outdoor or in extreme environments.

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Aluminium Channel Mounted Stainless Steel Balustrade Systems

An aluminium channel design with stainless steel handrails and components.

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Stainless Steel Mini-Post Mounted Balustrade Systems

A balustrade system with bottom mounted stainless steel posts

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When used along with toughened / tempered glass a stainless-steel balustrade creates a safe usable area. It also allows for uninterrupted views and enables light into your building. Stainless steel handrails are a popular choice with most balustrade designs, enabling many glazed railing designs to meet building regulations requirements.

The correct use of material grades is paramount when designing a stainless-steel balustrade. By seeking the advice of a professional railing specialist, you will be confident of selecting the right solution to meet all safety needs and regulations.

Various grades of stainless steel are used in balustrade designs. Choosing the right grade all depends on the application of the railing and design of the fixings and balustrade.

A common grade of stainless steel used in lower cost designs is type 304. As a durable material 304 proves to be resistant to oxidation and corrosion when used internally. We would not recommend using 304 stainless steel outdoors or in areas susceptible to high levels of moisture such as indoor pools, bathrooms or laundry areas.

The most common used outdoor grade of balustrade stainless steel is type 316. This is a heat-resisting steel with superior resistance to corrosion. It is ideal when in contact with sea water and brine, and preforms better than type 304 which is susceptible to “tea-staining” and discolouration when used outside.

Type 2205 also commonly known as Duplex stainless is becoming a more popular grade of steel used for external applications. It’s unique composition of steels gives it them very strong mechanical properties. They exhibit excellent corrosion resistance and are often deployed in extreme environments such an on oil & gas rigs. Very easy to maintain and care for and highly recommended when used externally.

Stainless steel can act as the main structural means of preventing a fall, or used to support glass that can act as the fall guard. This means designs can often vary.

Most traditional designs of stainless steel railings include the framed and semi framed glazed balustrade. The structural support is made from full height steel posts with some designs using handrails to allow the barrier to meet building regulations. In these designs the glass only acts as an infill and is not structurally integral in the design.

In frameless balustrade systems, stainless steel can be deployed in two ways. The first is to create a handrail at the top or near the top of the frameless glass design. When using single sheet toughened glass a rail is needed to act as a fall guard in the event the glass used fails. The second use is as glass support brackets. This includes products such as the duplex steel Mini-Post balustrade fitting.

When using a railing to protect a balcony, choosing the right balcony railing is dictated by the desired look and application.

Frameless glazed balustrade are more and more popular these days. Without the distraction of upright steels, a balcony can be safely protected by using specialised steel fixings, aluminium glazing profiles with or without stainless steel handrails. Thicker glass is used that is structurally integral to the design, and when used with strong well designed glass holders, create some of the most stunning finishes to a safe and structural balcony rail.

The use of handrails is often a safety requirements when the supporting or infill glass is not laminated or structurally integral to the design. This includes framed full post balustrade designs or frameless designs using single sheets of toughened glass. Balcony railings prevent falls and prevent people climbing over them, with recommended finished heights of 1100mm from the balcony platform.

Building regulations often dictate the specification of balcony balustrades. The finished height of the system is critical dependant on its use and application.

When using balcony balustrades at heights of over 600mm from ground level, safety regulations stipulate that rails should be no lower than 1100mm from the finished balcony platform. When using railings at lower levels (less than 600mm from the actual ground level), balustrades tend to be finished at a height of 900mm, as are railings used on stairs and steps.

Any gaps in railings cannot exceed a width of 99mm, such as spindles or gaps in glazed panels. This regulation is a requirement on any railing to prevent any object of 100mm diameter or greater passing through the safety barrier.

Documents to refer to include: UK Building Regulations Document K – Protection from falling, collision and impact; with manufacturing standards such as British Standards BS6399 & BS6180 applying.

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