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Roof Terrace Transformation Utilising Our Qwickbuild Composite Decking System With A Modern Frameless Glass Balustrade

There is nothing quite like living in the city but still being able to enjoy a stunning view from your balcony. This was exactly what our customer wanted to achieve but their balcony was looking old, tired and in desperate need for a transformation.

After speaking to the customer directly we were able to agree upon a suitable budget for the project. Offering a unique design, manufacture and installation service for their chosen designs we created a system to meet all of their specifications. Prior to manufacture we performed a site visit, this allowed us to take accurate measurements and seek out any potential issues when installing our system. This ensured a quick and easy manufacture and installation process, avoiding any unwanted surprises.


Utilising our revolutionary Qwickbuild aluminium sub-structure it was possible to manufacture the decking sub-frame as made-to- measure sections prior to arriving on site, saving time and money. Once on site, our installation team were able to remove the existing platform and wood balustrade, install the aluminum frame, composite decking boards and glass railing in just two days.

When combining our Qwickbuild frame with our Resortdeck composite decking no visible screws or fixings are used to secure the boards, instead hidden stainless steel fasteners and nylon clip secure the boards in place. By not penetrating the boards the customer has the advantage of being able to access the underside of the deck and relay boards without causing any damage or visual disruption.

This project totaled at 13 sq metres and was finished with our side mounted frameless glass balustrade using a 15mm clear toughened glass. The aluminum glazing channel was securely fixed to the Qwickbuild sub-structure working together to complete the balcony. By opting for a frameless balustrade our customer was able to embrace the city views ahead without compromising on safety or structural integrity. With our optional stainless steel slotted handrail, the system was furnished with a sleek finishing touch.