What Do We Use Our Glass Balustrades For?

Since their invention, balustrades have often been made from a variety of materials; ceramic, wood and steel, just to name a few! At Elite Balustrade though, we’ve always favoured glass as a material for our own balustrades. Here are just a couple of reasons why.

The Safety Of Glass Balustrades Is Unrivalled

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There are quite a few advantages that glass has over other materials. Though it’s sometimes thought of as a thin, easily breakable material – which Hollywood has a lot to answer for – we only use toughened or laminate glass in our glass balustrade systems. As you might be able to guess from the name, it’s specially formulated for its strength and rigidity, enabling it to resist impressive amounts of force. Obviously at Elite Balustrade, we don’t recommend conducting any impromptu field tests if you can help it, but you’ll be happy to hear that this kind of glass is highly resistant to accidental knocks and damage. It won’t bend or buckle under successive impacts either, and it’s durable against outdoor elements too. Glass doesn’t rot or rust, and there’s no chance of it getting gradually weaker even under sustained weather conditions like snow or rain. It’s also invulnerable to damage from insects or creepy-crawlies – you won’t find many termites or woodworms attempting to burrow through!

Speaking of the smaller things actually, the non-porous surface of glass also makes it a poor home for germs and bacteria, making it more hygienic than some other materials. Also, because of its sheer surface it also offers a useful safety bonus for families. Children aren’t able to climb on it as easily, nor are there any unprotected or vulnerable stress points that might make it pose a danger to them.

A Contemporary Style That Looks Fantastic

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All these handy safety features come in a fantastic contemporary looking package. The clean, beautifully styled look of glass balustrades give them a wonderful modern aesthetic; it’s the same reason why they’re not only a favourite of homeowners, but also institutions like banks, offices and universities. Properly maintained glass balustrades can give a polished, professional look, making them valued additions to these sorts of buildings. And speaking of cleaning, they don’t require detailed or complicated regimes. They’re simple and easy to clean, so the only key to keeping them looking amazing is just by doing it regularly.

The enhanced durability and longevity that glass offers also guarantees the worth of balustrades as investments too, especially for homeowners. After installing a balustrade on their property, many families find that it gives a big financial boost to the value of their houses. It’s not unknown for some to even make these alterations strategically, particularly if they have a rough plan for finding a new home at some point in the next few years. In the meantime, the increased amounts of light that glass provides has proven positive effects on mental health. That’s a lot of reasons on the ‘plus’ column!

At Elite Balustrade, we have a variety of glass balustrade solutions to fit the style and purpose of your property. You can browse our portfolio to see our completed projects for some of previous happy customers, or call us today on 01254 825 594. We’re here to help!

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Published: 24th March 2017

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