This week we have been privileged to work on a stunning site creating a stylish frameless glass balustrade solution for various locations in the outdoor living area.
The customer required a glass railing system to run alongside their stone patio leading down to a lower level of their outdoor living area. This space hosts a large swimming pool with further steps down to a lovely green garden area. They required a stylish frameless glass balustrade solution to match the modern design of property and outdoor area.


stylish frameless glass balustrade for patio area

frameless mini-post glass balustrade design for a patio area


A frameless glass balustrade is the up and coming railing design solution for modern constructions whether residential or commercial, as well as a valuable asset and timeless addition to a property. Thanks to our continuous investment in research and development we have an attractive range of frameless glass balustrade systems to suit a variety of installations. Therefore we are able to create a bespoke design around each project we undertake, rather than manipulating the project to fit our systems.


stylish frameless glass balustrade

frameless mini-post glass balustrade design for patio area


Our mini post frameless glass balustrade was a perfect choice for this scenario. Utilising the base mounted mini post brackets we can secure the glass panels to the existing stone pavement creating a frameless design suitable with or without a handrail. With the brackets manufactured from duplex stainless steel grade 205 and specified with a mirror polish finish, they will provide greater corrosion resistance for an outdoor balustrade system, especially around a swimming pool area. A total of 14 metres of frameless glass balustrade was designed for this project; all at the standard 1.1 metres high specified to meet UK Building Regulations for outdoor requirements.


stylish frameless glass balustrade for a swimming pool railing

stylish frameless mini-post glass balustrade design for a swimming pool railing


In this instance we were able to create a frameless design for the customer, whilst maintaining a low glass specification of 12mm toughened, providing an economical solution for this project without compromising on quality or safety of the system. Our mini post glass balustrade systems are proving very popular for a vast range of projects, from low level installations such as garden balustrades, swimming pool railings and composite decking installations, right through to a selection of balcony requirements from first floor installations to rooftop outdoor living spaces. With a glass specification from 12mm up to 17.5mm we are able to offer the ideal system for all of the above installation requirements, offering you peace of mind that the system will perform exactly as you need.

Published: 15th April 2016

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