Stainless steel balustrades: durable, affordable, beautiful

In any architectural project, there’s a large number of considerations to be carefully balanced: health and safety requirements, visual impact, and budget, to name just a few.

If you’re incorporating a transitional indoor-outdoor area in your project, you’ll need to combine safety and style without compromising design. And what better way to do that than with a stainless steel and glass balustrade?

Framed glass balustrades: extra safe, extra affordable

Framed glass balustrade

When you’ve got so many options to choose from, why opt for a frameless glass and stainless steel balustrade? We’ve got it covered in five key reasons:

Versatility: our expert design and project teams deal with every project individually, creating bespoke balustrade solutions to meet even the most unique requirements.

Durability: Elite Balustrade’s stainless steel glass balustrades, made from superior quality grade 316 stainless steel, stand the test of time and are ideal for outdoor use.

Build quality: our high quality stainless steel and glass balustrades are designed, manufactured and installed to the highest standards for your complete peace of mind.

Style: chic glass and stainless steel balustrades can be customised to suit your chosen design, including a range of baluster and railing designs, or tinted glass.

Cost: framed stainless steel balustrades require only a 10mm glass thickness specification, even on raised balcony areas, making them safe, stylish and economical.

Enjoy the view with semi-framed glass balustrades

views with semi-framed glass balustrades

A great alternative to our framed glass and stainless steel balustrades is the semi-framed balustrade, which uses intelligent stainless steel posts to secure the glass panels without the need for an intrusive top rail.

Stylish, hard-wearing and causing minimal visual interruption, our semi-framed glass balustrades also only require a 10mm thickness glazing specification, making them easy on the budget as well as the eye.

Available for indoor and outdoor use, our semi-framed balustrades can withstand the harshest environments and – like all our balustrade systems – provide an uncompromising level of safety.

Frameless mini-post glass balustrades: the best of both worlds

Frameless mini-post glass balustrade

If there’s a little more give in your budget, and it’s a frameless glass balustrade that you want, our frameless mini-post glass balustrades are an ideal option.

With glass panels from 12-17.5mm thick sitting securely in edge, base or core-mounted stainless steel mini posts, these balustrades deliver the frameless look for a budget friendly price.

The stainless steel fixings offer added security and durability – ideal on coastal or poolside areas – and you can add a stainless steel railing to run along the top of the balustrade, if you like.

Elite Balustrade: industry leading balustrades for you

Elite Balustrade: industry leading balustrades

When it comes to choosing the right balustrade system for your building project, we’re here to help.

At Elite Balustrade, we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Whatever you have in mind, whether that’s a frameless glass balustrade for an external commercial venue or a framed balustrade for a contemporary home conversion, you’ll get dedicated service from our design and project team, ensuring that you get the results you need.

All of our products are designed and manufactured to the highest specifications, meaning that whichever you choose, you’ll be on target for a stunning result.

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Published: 15th August 2016

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