This week we have been busy designing a bespoke solution for a rooftop glass balcony area with a composite decking flooring solution.

This particular customer required a rooftop glass balcony solution for their build project, covering a total area of 63 square metres. They liked the idea of a decking flooring for the area but were concerned about building over a waterproof membrane and the life span of the decking. When introduced to our qwickbuild and composite decking system we were able to design their project just as they had imagined it.

To have a healthy decking over a membrane flooring there are five attributes to keep in mind which would reduce the risk of potential damage in the future:
– utilise moisture resistant materials which are more dimensionally stable than traditional timber sub-structure
– you would require easy access to gutters and downpipes for removal of debris
– have the ability to uplift and reinstate the decking boards without causing any damage or incur costly installation bills
– utilise a light weight sub-structure solution
– allow sufficient airflow between and underneath joists and decking boards
Because of the above points, our qwickbuild aluminium decking frame sub-structure is the perfect solution for this type of scenario: manufactured from marine grade aluminium it is 100% unaffected by moisture providing greater stability and durability. It is also possible to span the structure 200% more than traditional construction methods, reducing the required structural posts and pile supports by up to 50%.

The composite decking boards are secured to the frame with hidden stainless steel fasteners, always making sure the correct ventilation gap is in place between each board. Because of this patented fasteners system, there is no need to penetrate the boards when installing the deck, making them easy to remove and re-install should inspection of the membrane be required.

Once introduced to our innovative decking system, the customer received a full visualisation of what their project could potentially look like fully integrated with our range of glass balustrade systems. In this instance we utilised a side mounted glazing channel solution which can be secured against the qwickbuild structure, creating a safe glass railing system around the rooftop area.

The balustrade will be completed with a stainless steel slotted handrail which reduces the glass specification required to meet UK building regulations and standards. The glass balustrade will cover a total of 27 linear metres with five sides at a finished height from deck level of 1.1 metres, the standard height required for the location of the balustrade.

Following a site visit to the property our design team were able to create a custom solution based around the rooftop area, making sure the composite decking would fit smoothly around the existing skylights in place and create a flush indoor/outdoor transition with the bi-folding doors already in place.

Nor two projects are ever the same for us as we treat each project individually and provide that extra customer service in taking the time to get to know the customer, the property and the requirements. When we leave an installation project we want to make sure we have carried out the job to the best of our abilities and satisfied the customer in the solution we have provided. We understand the time and investment it takes into home improvements or new builds and we do not take the trust customers place with us for granted.

Published: 4th March 2016

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