Creating The Perfect Atmosphere For Roof Terrace Parties

If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you may have already caught our post on creating the perfect rooftop terrace. Now that the sun is out in earnest in the British summertime, it’s an even more fitting time of year to take advantage of your rooftop terrace for a get-together or two, especially if it’s bordered by attractive glass balustrades. Since the publication of our last blog we’ve had a bit more time to think about how else you can perfect the ideal rooftop party space, and we think you’ll like some of our ideas.

A Couple Of Tips To Start You Off

rooftop party

We listed some pretty handy hints in our last blog, so we’d recommend that as a place to start. That post is mostly about creating a rooftop terrace to enjoy for yourself, though; as all of us know, entertaining is a whole different kettle of fish!

How you go about setting it up to start with mostly depends on the sort of parties you plan on hosting. Music is one of the easiest ways to set the mood, whether it’s a relaxed, chilled-out vibe or a more vibrant, energetic sort of feeling. It’s a good idea to separate out your areas; if you plan on having a dancefloor, even if it’s a small one, it’s wise to keep it away from the eating or sitting/down areas, to minimise the chances of spilled drinks. It helps to put drinkers, dancers and diners all equally at ease. You can use your glass balustrades as the outer borders for these separate areas – for example, by having your sit-down area in one corner and your modest dancefloor in the other.

Here’s another important point in regards to drinking and dining – make sure people have somewhere to put down their plates and glasses! There’s nothing worse than having a drink stepped on or kicked over because its owner has put it down on the floor rather than a convenient nearby surface. It doesn’t have to be a table – even a temporarily-appropriated bedside cabinet will do. In fact, that brings us neatly onto our suggestions for what to have at your roof terrace parties.

A Pergola Is Useful Whatever The Weather


Pergolas are popular choices for rooftop terraces, partially for the visual interest that they add to the space, and partially for their practical uses. They can be enhanced by climbing vines, flowing fabrics or other attractive decorations, or they can be draped in slightly thicker covers to provide shelter from intense sunshine or even a bit of light rain. A pergola makes a perfect visual indicator for your chilling-out or sitting down space, too.

Cosy Chairs And Furniture

rooftop furniture

OK we’ll admit, we’ve said this one before – but it bears saying again! We’ve talked about furnishing your outdoor space with some suitable outdoor furniture, but in summertime you can afford to get perhaps a bit more daring than you might be able to at other times of year. The improved climate and weather means that cosy armchairs and soft leather seats can be wheeled outdoors for the duration of the parties, without so much worry regarding getting them damp from rain or, say, snowed on. Plus, if things do look a bit hazy skywards, they’ll always be safer under an awning or covered pergola!

An Authentic, Wood-Fired Oven

woodfired pizza oven

This is a brilliant way to add a touch of class to your rooftop terrace party, and some delicious food, too. Pizza is an especially popular choice, being the perfect party food, but the choice of what to cook is all up to you – it could be some tasty meaty morsels, or even a full Sunday roast (depending on the size of your guestlist). It reaches a temperature range of 350 degrees Celsius in just 20 minutes, so you won’t be waiting for long to eat. All in all, it serves not just a practical purpose for catering to your event, but also provides a fascinating talking point for your attendees.

We could go on for ever, but we’re sure you’re anxious to get creative on your own party ideas! We’re firm believers that an elegant glass balustrade is always a stylish finishing touch on such gatherings, and that’s why we stock a broad range of them here at Elite Balustrade. You can browse our product range here, or give our sales line a call on 01254 825 594 if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

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Published: 11th August 2017

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