Creating the perfect glass balcony: a quick guide

When you’re thinking of introducing a beautiful new balcony area to your garden, it’s important to have a clear idea of your options, so the balcony you imagined spending is the balcony you get.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a quick look at the kinds of balcony balustrades you can choose, including frameless, mini-posts, semi-framed and framed. Each kind has its own particular benefits, so read on to find out which one is right for you.

The clear view: frameless glass balcony systems

frameless glass balcony balustrade

Frameless glass balcony balustrades are a popular pick for customers who are keen to keep their views as clear as possible. Made with extra-thick and/or laminated glass panels, frameless balcony balustrades offer uninterrupted views out over your garden, with no steel posts or rails to cut into the vista.

Because there is no stainless steel framework to stabilise the balustrade, the glass panels are thicker: Elite Balustrade offers glass balcony systems in 12 – 21mm thickness, depending on location and your individual specifications

The glass can be completely clear or tinted for privacy, so you can enjoy your new outdoor space without feeling overlooked.

Extra durability with all the visibility: Mini-post Glass Balustrades

mini post glass balustrade on balcony

Our mini post glass balustrade balcony systems deliver a frameless look with extra stability in the form of base-mounted duplex stainless steel clamps, which provide superior corrosion resistance – ideal for gardens in coastal environments.

Offering all the visual appeal of a frameless balcony balustrade, our mini post balcony systems are an attractive addition to any garden, allowing families to enjoy their open space without having to worry.

And, like all our balcony systems, the mini post balustrade can be customised to suit your personal project – our design team will be on hand to discuss your unique requirements.

Framed to perfection: budget-friendly framed glass balcony systems

framed glass balustrade on balcony

If you’re longing to open up your home on to the garden but you’re concerned about budget, a framed glass balcony system may be the perfect solution.

Elite Balustrade offers a range of stainless steel framed balcony balustrades that are easy on the eye and the pocket. Our framed glass balcony systems have hardwearing stainless steel posts surrounding every glass panel, which means the the glass itself only needs to be 10mm thick – a great way to get stunning visual results on a modest budget.

Likewise, our semi-framed balcony balustrades require only a 10mm thickness – if you’re keen to look out on uninterrupted views, these could be the right choice for your project. Both our framed and semi-framed glass balcony systems can be tailored to suit bespoke projects, offering you the flexibility you need to get the look you want.

Open up your home with a beautiful glass balcony

You’ve heard the saying, “bringing the outdoors in” – well, our glass balcony systems bring the indoors out. With our bespoke balcony balustrades, you can create a whole new room in your garden. Our glass balcony systems break up outdoor space, offer respite from strong breezes and can be tinted to give you a sense of privacy while you enjoy your garden.

Whichever balcony balustrade style you choose, Elite Balustrade is 100% committed to your satisfaction. Our design and project team is waiting to bring your bespoke balcony to life, so contact us today to find out more.

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Published: 22nd August 2016

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