Bring More Natural Light Into Your Home With A Glass Juliet Balcony

We may hate to admit it, but the darker evenings and mornings are already just around the corner.  Exposure to natural sunlight has several benefits and when lacking, we may find ourselves with lower moods, less energy, poorer concentration, and a lesser feeling of overall wellbeing.  Creative and productive spaces can become less so as higher stress and lower satisfaction levels are experienced.  All this may be heavily influenced by our natural attraction and need for daylight and to feel more connected to the outdoors.  Therefore, the more natural light we can get into our houses, the better.  A glass Juliet balcony can offer the perfect solution for allowing more light to flow through a room and can offer a feeling of bringing the outdoors in.  This can be further enhanced throughout the home by looking at other ways of bringing more light in.  Some of these can be simply achieved such as making sure windows are clean and not surrounded by tree branches and bushes.

As well as inviting in more natural light to help prevent any Winter Blues, a glass Juliet balcony can offer an affordable, yet elegant and stylish look to your home. Whilst traditionally a common architectural feature in warmer European countries, they are becoming increasingly desirable here in the UK due to the factors mentioned above and other opportunities they offer for an upstairs space.  As the glass panel sits just outside the window opening, there is no platform to stand out on.  However, when the doors are opened and the fresh air and light floods in, it can almost feel like an enclosed balcony area.  Why not set up some occasional seating in front of the opening, grab your favourite book, sit back, and relax whilst taking in the views ahead!  Or create the perfect space for work or study.  The fresh air, natural light, and views are sure to help you feel more inspired, motivated, and creative!

Vista glass Juliet balcony

The new Elite Vista glass Juliet balcony from Elite Balustrade Systems offers a excellent value for a minimalist and contemporary design which is extremely simple to install.  They are available in two designs.  One has a small rectangular top rail and uses standoff clamps at the bottom of the panel for a more frameless look.  The other comes with a top and bottom rail fixed using stand off rail support brackets.  Both deigns are available in fixed sized glass panels from 1,000mm to 4,100mm and can be supplied within 10 days of purchase for a quick turnaround.  There is also the option to create your own bespoke designed glass Juliet balcony in both framed and frameless designs if the Elite Vista range is not right for your requirements.

If you have any queries about any of our glass Juliet balcony products, we’d love to hear from you.  Call Charlotte or Amber on 01254 825594 or email sales@elitebalustrade.com.  Alternatively, complete an online enquiry for or request a call back.


Published: 1st September 2017

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