Elite Views: The Most Awe-Inspiring Urban Landscapes

Our recent blogs have already gone into great detail on how to create picturesque views in your own home or garden, not least with the effective use of balustrades. This week, however, we’re looking at things on an even grander scale; we’ve collected some of the best elite urban views from around the world for your delectation.

The Flair

Nestled comfortably in the Ritz-Carlton Pudong’s rooftop lounge in Shanghai, taking a seat in the Flair will put you face to face with one of China’s most impressive landmarks – the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. Shanghai is one of the most populous cities in the world, meaning you’ll be witness to a never-ceasing buzz of industrious activity below you as you enjoy the view from behind framed glass balustrades. As day gives way to the evening, that’s when the Flair really shines. The lights and colours of the streets become a mesmerising blur below you, and the restaurant’s delicate ambience is in keeping with the elegant mystique of the city. As well as the TV Tower, you can also look out over views of the Huangpu River, and the city’s harbour nearby.

360 Istanbul

Though there is no shortage of vantage points to enjoy this ancient city, 360 Istanbul is in a class of its own. Turkey’s very own rich sense of heritage and culture is woven into the very fabric of the establishment’s identity, as it’s been carefully built into in a penthouse that sits upon the top historic 19th century apartment building. Istanbul is one of the oldest established cities in the world, having been around since 660BC, and having gone through several names since then.

For those wishing to take in some of the city’s ancient culture and architecture, 360 Istanbul provides an abundance of it from behind elegant framed balustrades. Sights from the restaurant overlook the old embassy row in Beyoglu, while it also offers beautiful unobstructed views of the revered Hagia Sophia Mosque and the internationally significant waterway of the Bosphorus.

230 Fifth

A vibrant rooftop bar which showcases the spirit of Manhattan at its finest. Its indoor penthouse and ‘hard bar’ is supported with an outdoor roofdeck that’s open no matter the weather. It’s equipped with large umbrellas to stave off the worst of the sun and rain, and meanwhile it can be partially heated for exceptionally chilly days, making it perfect for those determined to get a fantastic view of Manhattan even in the winter months. However, it can be these later times of year which offer the most rewarding sights, as heavy snowfall offers you the opportunity to marvel at the white-capped behemoths that dominate New York’s skyline, as people, buses, trains and those distinctive yellow taxis forge through the frozen concrete jungle below

Of course, now we come full circle. You don’t always have to travel to see some breathtaking views – you can create one in your own home! Our range of framed glass balustrades are ideal for enhancing the depth and scale of your back garden, while our Juliet balconies can provide brilliant views without the need to even go outside. Email us today on sales@elitebalustrade.com, and find out how we can help.

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Published: 16th January 2017

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