A Self Build Juliet Balcony To Fall In Love With!

Juliet Balcony To Fall In Love With!

This is my post on the Juliet Balcony I chose for my self build. If you can’t view the video, please click here.


I’m in love with a balcony!

Elite Vista Juliet Balcony exterior - Juliette Balconies

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I can honestly say that one of the things I’m most passionate about is property and interiors!

Seriously though, when I was trying to find a Juliette Balcony for my self build, it was like trying to find the perfect partner.

I had in my head exactly what I wanted, but there’s no dating website for such things!!!

Doth thy balcony have a name?!

Then I came across the Elite Vista Juliet Balcony from Elite Balustrades and my search came to an end.

Full disclosure, they kindly gave me a discount, but only after I’d already chosen their balcony, so this did not sway my decision –  they just wanted permission to use my video themselves so seemed like a fair deal!

juliet balcony floor - elite vista

Thanks goodness that having found my perfect match, I also had a brilliant experience of customer service so I’m happy to give them a glowing reference.

So what I was after was something modern, sleek and strong. I wanted mostly glass so the view wouldn’t be obstructed.

I also wanted the handrail to be barely visible, so from the inside you got a sense of the Juliet balcony barely being there. It’s the way I like my men too… (I jest!)

No heavy heart, only heavy glass!

Juliette balcony seat - Elite Vista Juliet

Of course, I will never sacrifice the look of features for quality. This one has duplex stainless steel components which are sturdy and rust resistant.

It had to be bespoke for my build, but no specialist tools were needed for installation (although my builder did go to great pains to let me know how heavy the glass was!). High quality glass doesn’t come light!

I mean you have to agree – it is actually sexy?!

I’ll be honest, I actually have totally fallen in love with it and  can’t wait to fully enjoy it in warmer climes!

Check out other features like the roof lantern and doors I chose.

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Published: 11th February 2021

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