Integrating Balustrades Into Your Home Renovation

For many of our customers a home renovation presents a prime opportunity to install a balustrade, given the planning and general minor upheaval that entails. It’s also an ideal time to think about the specifics of where your balustrades might provide maximum benefit, according to your personal aims and specifications.

Rooms To Breathe

framed balustrade balcony

The qualities of spaciousness that balustrades can provide are well-known, especially frameless glass balustrades. A balcony or roof terrace can make adjoining bedrooms or studies feel much more open – for this reason, when considering where to install your glass balustrade or Juliet balcony, it might be an idea to look at these rooms first, as they’re most often the spaces that could most benefit from this sense of spaciousness. Juliet balconies especially can be fantastic options for where space is at a premium, especially in areas where fully-fledged balconies or terraces aren’t viable options.

Seeing The Light With Glass Balustrades

brand new balustrade

Another deciding factor in the placement of your glass balustrade might be in terms of the lighting of the space. For areas that might not otherwise see a lot of natural light, incorporating a balcony or balustrade can drastically affect how we view them. You see, our brains process natural light on a highly-evolved instinctual level. We won’t get too much into the science of it, but basically, as a species we love daylight. That’s the main reason why an abundance of natural light can completely change the look and feel of a space. A previously small and dingy room that might only be useful for storage can be made friendly, open and welcoming with the strategic addition of just a few French windows and a balcony railing.

clear glass balustrade

The Transformative Properties Of Balustrades

As we’ve already seen to an extent with daylight, a glass balustrade or stainless steel railing can completely transform the look and feel of a home. Older builds can be given a contemporary twist, smaller homes can be made to feel bigger, and more spacious or open areas can be shielded from prying eyes with carefully selected tinted balustrade. On the other hand, not only can they be used to offset the compromises of your home, but even exaggerate the things you like about it. If you have a favourite spacious room, a Juliet balcony can help you build on that desirable quality – or if you have a private garden you’d like to be totally impenetrable to passing gazes, a balustrade can help you do that. During their renovations many of our customers choose to use their balustrades to modify the areas they use most frequently, in order to further develop the qualities they love most about them rather than worry about altering the rooms they don’t use as much.

Whatever you decide, you can count on nothing but the best from our expert engineers, who go above and beyond to deliver perfect solutions to suit your exact specifications. You can browse our range of balustrades here, or if you’d like to chat about an upcoming project you can contact us on 01254 825 594.

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Published: 8th March 2017

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