Finance and Finesse: How Balustrades Add Value To Your Home

There’s no shortage of ways that balustrades can add value to your home, which is what makes them such valuable home renovations. They can revolutionise your living space, helping you get more from the space you’ve got – while making it look beautiful at the same time! What’s more, when the time finally comes to sell, you might find that your balustrades make it just that little bit easier.

What Balustrades Do For You

Framed balustrade on balcony

Some of the chief benefits of balustrades lie in their versatility; in previous blogs we’ve already gone into the ways that they can help you transform your back garden into a party venue, a relaxation area or even a home office. They’re an invaluable tool for separating, protecting and managing your available space, especially if you have a lot of it. Glass balustrades particularly are fantastic for accentuating the spacious feel in larger back gardens, while giving an attractive illusion of it in slightly smaller ones. They also don’t hinder the flow of natural light through your garden, allowing you to enjoy it in all its botanical beauty in the summer or springtime. Meanwhile, less transparent options can allow you some much-welcomed privacy from the eyes of neighbours or passers-by as you relax.

What Glass Balustrades Do For Your Home

large balcony with semi framed balustrade

Balustrades and balconies also offer your home a whole host of aesthetic benefits, for both you and your guests to enjoy. The glass reflects and plays with the light, giving your house the maximum amount of natural sunshine in those gloomy winter months, while presenting you with some stunning views and reflective colours in the summer. They are especially well suited to complementing a modern or postmodern interior design scheme, though they can equally offset more traditionalist themes.

As well as aesthetic benefits, glass balustrades also offer useful practical ones. They can add a crucial element of safety to your home, especially at great heights; a Juliet balcony, for example, can present you with some stunning views from high-rise French windows at no cost to your safety. Glass also isn’t as delicate as some Hollywood films would have you believe; it’s thick and tough enough to easily withstand casual bumps and knocks. It’s not absolutely unbreakable, but it’s very difficult to do so accidentally. What’s more, the glass is easy to clean and maintain, meaning that you get to enjoy all their benefits with very little effort.

How Balustrades Add Financial Value

semi framed design in garden

It’s a well-known fact that home renovations, if done correctly, can easily add thousands of pounds of value to your home. It’s here that the intrinsic beauty of glass balustrades again serve you well, as they make attractive and memorable selling points to prospective buyers. Their versatility and their chameleon-like design aesthetic make them not only useful, but also universally inoffensive additions, helping them bridge the barrier between drastically differing tastes in interior design.

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Published: 30th January 2017

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