The Great Things About a Glass Juliet Balcony

We recently completed installation of a glass Juliet balcony for a customer’s Father-in-Law who’s ill health has led to him being infirm and more-or-less housebound. The customer was very happy with the outcome and commented on a “Great product, professionally installed and at a value for money price”. However, when we called to thank our customer for his feedback, he further explained that it wasn’t just a matter of how the house now looked from the outside, but rather, what the glass Juliet balcony had enabled for his Father-in Law. He was delighted that his Father-in-Law could now stand at the balcony and enjoy the panoramic views on offer and enjoy the feel of being outside rather feeling stuck indoors all the time. Our customer says this has made an unbelievable difference and looks forward to seeing his Father-in-Law continuing to enjoy his new Juliet Balcony.

A Framed Glass Juliette Balcony

A Framed Glass Juliet Balcony

There are several reasons for choosing to incorporate a glass Juliet balcony into your new or existing build. Lets look at these below:

1. A room with a Juliet balcony brings in more natural light to the interior spaces. This can contribute to better emotional wellbeing, increased productivity and higher energy levels. Furthermore, benefits to overall health may be experienced due to an increased exposure to sunlight leading to healthier vitamin D Levels. This can help with immune system regulation, body weight maintenance, asthma symptom control, and healthier brain functioning.

2. Juliet balconies can offer an aesthetic element for both the exterior build and interior space. Inside, they can make a room feel more airy and spacious with an outdoor feel, whilst on the outside they can offer an impressive design feature. This can add significant value to your property without a large initial expense.

3. Juliet balconies are relatively easy to install and normally don’t require planning permission. (exact requirements may vary between areas so we recommend checking with your local planning department before starting works).

A Semi Framed Glass Juliette Balcony

A Semi Framed Glass JulietBalcony

Glass Juliet balconies from Elite Balustrade Systems are well known in the industry for their simplistic design and easy installation process. They are manufactured from high grade stainless steel and clear toughened and laminated glass creating a perfectly safe solution for large window or bi-folding door balcony solution.  Customers can choose from a framed, semi-framed or frameless Juliet Balcony.  The first two comprise of a 10mm thick glass panel being secured using top, bottom, and side  stainless steel posts.  Our frameless 13mm thick glass Juliet panels are securely fixed using stylish glass clamps and low profile top rails.

A Frameless Juliet Balcony

A Frameless Juliet Balcony

Whatever your requirements or preferences, you can design your bespoke Juliet Balcony here or if you require any advice, please call our office on 01254 825594

Published: 30th August 2016

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