How Do We Calculate The Size Of Your Glass Balustrade’s Panels?

It’s one of the most common questions we’re asked here at Elite Balustrade. The answer is that it depends on a number of factors, from the type of building we’re installing it onto to the length of the space we have available. This week’s blog delves into things in a little more detail, so that you can understand a little bit more about how we work here at Elite Balustrade.

How Work Out The Length Of Your Glass Panels

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At Elite, we pride ourselves on the completely bespoke service we offer to each and every one of our customers. That means there’s no uniform size form for the panels we put on each of our balustrades – it depends on the desires and specifications of our customers. Generally, though, we try and not exceed 1200mm in maximum length for each one, in accordance with the specific building regulations for that project.

Similarly, there’s no concrete limit on the number of panels we can install for each customer; as you might expect, it varies according to the size of the area they need to cover. Using this information, our technical and design teams will work closely with each other to work out the measurements and number of panels we’ll use, respectively.

We also have to make sure that each of our balustrades can support the safe and appropriate amount of weight – our balustrades can handle loadings of 0.74 kilo-newtons. In case you’re wondering about whether this means you can lean on them, let us put your mind at rest. The average person using the full weight of his or her body to push something is generally estimated to be able to generate something like 0.67 kilo-newtons. We’d definitely still advise against actively pushing against our balustrades with all your might, but our point is that they’re perfectly capable of bearing your full weight. Lean away!

How Tall Does The Balustrade Have To Be?

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The minimum height for our balustrades, meanwhile, is 1.1m, while the maximum height is 1.8m. These measurements are applicable even if your balustrade is installed atop a parapet wall; essentially, if you’re able to stand on a surface (which is feasible when it comes to parapet walls) the balustrade has to be tall enough to be at least waist height, or it becomes unsafe.

Many of our commercial customers favour the maximum height option, mostly to control movement in and out of the area. For example, owners of a swimming pool would prefer balustrades with a maximum height of 1.8m, because it stops people from climbing over them or jumping from them into the pool, which could be incredibly dangerous. Also, it guarantees that the only people using the pool are the ones authorised to be in there – whether that means they’re paying customers, or they’re taking a specific class, or any one of a variety of other reasons.

If you have any questions about our glass balustrade panels that weren’t addressed in this article, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team on 01254 825 594, or send us an email on sales@elitebalustrade.com. Meanwhile, feel free to browse our site for our range of glass balustrade solutions.

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Published: 1st June 2017

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