Design Tips for a Balcony Garden

The days are becoming longer and warmer leaving us more opportunity for getting outdoors to enjoy the fresh air.  Furthermore, we may be turning our thoughts to renovating or upgrading our homes to provide extra outdoor space for relaxing, dining, and socialising.  A recent poll confirmed an increasing desire for outdoor living. More than 4 in 10 people stated that a balcony would be the most important architectural addition to their home and outdoor living was cited as the biggest design priority amongst renovating homeowners.  This short blog article will discuss some design tips for a balcony garden including why glass balustrades offer the perfect safety solution.

Safety first when considering a glass balustrade

Before anything else, the biggest design consideration for adding a balcony to your property has to be safety.  Obvious risks are falling over the edge and items falling on to people below.  Others include making sure drainage is good, and not putting too much weight on the balcony.  Whatever information you read with regards to these factors, it is important to consult with a structural engineer to ensure your balcony meets necessary safety requirements and building regulations.

Mini-Post Frameless Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades provide balconies with a stylish and effective safety barrier which has several benefits over other balustrade styles.  Firstly they are simple and elegant, and depending on their design, can offer unobstructed views which is the greatest appeal to most people.  Glass balustrades are also easy to maintain and clean, taking just minutes with a quality glass cleaner.  They enable more natural light into the home which can help save on energy costs as well as being more environmentally friendly.  Furthermore, they can give the illusion of more space making an area appear larger which is something that can’t be achieved using other materials such as iron or concrete.  Another benefit of using glass is it’s versatility in being well suited to a variety of existing  materials, decors, and styles.  Glass tends to look beautiful with, and adds a modern touch to a wide range of property design styles.

In terms of safety, Elite’s glass balustrades use toughened and toughened laminated glass in the manufacture of their glass balustrades.  This prevents the risk of injury in the unlikely event of the glass breaking.   A variety of glass thicknesses are available to suit different design requirements and installation scenarios.  All Elite glass balustrades are manufactured to strict ISO 9001 Factory Control guidelines, meet all building regulations, and surpass load requirements.  They are also CE marked confirming purchase of a product designed to last.  Elite Balustrade Systems also offer the most effective solution if drainage is required with Mini-Post frameless glass balustrades.  These come in a variety of profiles to suit most installation and fixing scenarios.

Channel Frameless Glass Balustrades

Design tips when thinking about a balustrade system

Once safety has been covered, other aspects of creating the perfect balcony garden can be considered.  However, it is important to have a clear idea about what you want from your balcony as, depending on the size and position of your balcony, there may be important considerations.  Some of these are listed below:

  1. If you want an outdoor seating or dining area but only have a small balcony, you may want to think about fold away furniture that can easily be stored
  2. If situated in direct sunlight, you may need to consider suitable shading options
  3. Research which potted plants and and flowers are more suited to sunny or shaded areas.  If regular watering is needed, is there a convenient water supply nearby
  4. In the case of your balcony being overlooked, you may want to consider privacy.  Frosted or tinted glass balustrades may offer a solution here
  5. If there are a picturesque views ahead, frameless glass balustrades offer a great solution for these to be fully enjoyed
  6. Keep your balcony low maintenance if it’s main purpose is for relaxation.  Choose flowers and plants that require little attention.  Composite decking such as RESORTDECK and ECODECKING are low-maintenance, hard wearing alternatives to other flooring solutions
  7. If your balcony garden is mainly for entertaining, you may want to consider wall mirrors to create the illusion of extra space
  8. LED lights and candles provide the perfect lighting solution if you plan to sit out on the balcony well into the night

Balcony gardens are the perfect space for enjoying more time outdoors, especially for apartment/flat owners without a garden.  They are in many cases, large enough to provide the perfect extension of your living space, but not so large to create lots of extra work.  Leaving more time for the things you enjoy most, it’s no wonder balconies are high on the priority list for many home buyers and renovators.

If you would like any advice on how our glass balustrades, composite decking, and deck frame solutions can help you to create a safe and stylish balcony, we’d be delighted to hear from you: 01254 825594 | sales@elitebalustrade.com.  Alternatively make use of our online quotation system

Published: 20th June 2017

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