Glass Balustrade for a Stylish and Effective Office

The owners of a local accountancy firm approached us to assist with their redesign of an underused area of their office.  It was decided that a glass balustrade system could be used to zone their office in order to introduce more working spaces and to give the space a contemporary look.  The balustrade replaced a small staircase which covered the whole width of the office.  This kind of thoroughfare wasn’t a requirement for the daily flow of people through the office and the space was heavily under-utilised.

Office design before balustrade installation

Office design before balustrade installation

The installation of a glass balustrade system has introduced clear lines to the office which define the flow of movement without blocking any natural sunlight.  As glass looks great alongside metals and woods, the business did not need incur the unnecessary costs of introducing new fixtures around  the balustraded area.   Our client commented:

“We called Elite Balustrade to look at an unusual internal mezzanine office floor that we wanted to make more usable. After reviewing various balustrade systems it was agreed in our office we wanted a very modern, good looking, glass design. We found Elite Balustrade to be very professional, showing us various options and creating drawings of our office area and the balustrade view of our choice. They worked with other tradesmen to get the desired effect, holding meetings and dealing with measurements to make the finished balustrade perfect. We are delighted with the workmanship, the communication and the finished effect. It looks amazing and has brought an absolute statement piece into our office. We cannot recommend the company enough”

Mini Post Frameless Glass Balustrade

Office design after balustrade installation

Not only has the glass balustrade made the office look more sleek and elegant, it has also increased productivity by enabling the addition of two new work stations where employees can work in relative privacy with increased focus on the job at hand.

If you wish to add more style to your working environment and increase productivity through the introduction of a glass balustrade, we have a variety of options for you and are here to help.  Visit our online design tool to get started or call us on 01254 825594 for more information.

Published: 15th September 2016

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