This week we have put our glass balustrade systems to the test by meeting a customer’s requirements through changing the usual style of a glass balcony solution.

The owner of a retirement home wanted to create a better outdoor living space for its users by improving an existing balcony overlooking the stunning garden area in the complex. A glass balcony seemed the obvious solution to make sure residents of the home were able to sit outside and enjoy the surroundings while still feeling safe and secure. However, due to the location of the balcony, it was prone to wind and because of this wasn’t being used as much as it could have been.

A bespoke glass balcony design solution

A bespoke glass balcony design solution

Our in-house design team really enjoyed being creative with our systems: keeping to the clients budget we were able to create a frameless design using our mini post glass balustrade. By following the shape of the building with the glass panels at the sides of the balcony and gradually increasing their height, our designers were able to transform a basic balcony into a stunning outdoor space with windbreakers that wouldn’t interfere with the views.

By including a slotted stainless steel handrail we were able to keep the glass specification at 12mm, thus making sure we met the clients budget. Also a handrail will provide an extra feeling of security to the residents when making use of the space, trusting the new build and feeling relaxed in the space.

A wind-break solution within a glass balcony design

A wind-break solution within a glass balcony design

For us it is very important that we always try to create what the customer is looking for, instead of trying to standardise their solution by providing basic off the shelf balustrade kits. With having access to in-house services from design to project management, manufacturing, installation and customer service, we can all work together as a team in making sure the customer is receiving the best possible experience with us and making the process of renovating a build with as little stress as possible. We want our customers to enjoy their journey with us, feeling content with their future plans and looking forward to the installation.

All our bespoke glass balustrade systems are manufactured to meet UK Building Regulations and Standards, so we know what is possible to achieve whilst still keeping in line with all requirements. This is very important in reassuring customers that they have placed their project in the hands of experts with proven knowledge in the design, manufacture and installation of our systems.

Published: 13th May 2016

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