Frameless Glass Balustrades For the Full Sea View

Our Frameless Mini-Post Glass Balustrade System is a perfect solution for that unobstructed Sea View. Ideal for holiday homes, static caravans, guest houses, hotels, or your home by the sea, Elite Balustrade Systems Limited can provide you with bespoke designs to complement a variety of installation scenarios. Our Elite Glass Balustrade Systems and processes are designed to work around your requirements and expectations without introducing unnecessary complications to your construction or restoration project.


An Unobstructed Sea View


Our Mini-Post brackets can be used to securely fix a glass balcony to a variety of bases including our own composite decking solutions, traditional timber decking, concrete flooring, or steel frames. Furthermore, they can be either base mounted or side mounted giving you that added flexibility around your design preferences or requirements.

Safety and sustainability are an important factor when deciding to invest in a glass balcony to enhance your outdoor living space. Our glass balustrade systems have this covered. Panels are available in toughened and laminated glass from 12mm to 17.5mm in thickness. That which is required will depend on the location of the balustrade. Our manufacturing process goes through a strict control process and meet all UK building regulations and standards. Furthermore, our balustrade systems meet all EU health, safety, and environmental requirements.

Having read the above, you may be wondering about the risk of corrosion in coastal locations. The Mini-Post brackets used for our Frameless Glass Balustrade systems are manufactured using 2205 grade duplex stainless steel, offering superior corrosion resistance and high strength, ideal for use in marine or high chloride environments. Although available in brushed satin polish, we recommend the mirror polished finish to maintain aesthetic appearance.

For the complete outdoor living solution that offers decking WITHOUT the need for screws, nails and bolts , look no further than our FastTrack Composite decking system, unrivalled for its simplicity, safety, and sustainability even through the harshest of British weather.

Published: 16th August 2016

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