Increased Sunlight With A Frameless Glass Balustrade

Our customer has reaped the benefits of more sunlight and being able to enjoy the views from her house after the installation of our frameless glass balustrade and Juliet balcony systems.   The improvement has also brought the house much more up-to-date with a clean, modern, and aesthetically pleasing exterior.  Beforehand, the balcony incorporated a vinyl railed fence with iron posts which looked tired and dated.


The benefits of exposure to more sunlight are plentiful.  These include:

  1. Improved mood
  2. Increased productivity
  3. Numerous physical and mental health benefits including boosts to the immune system and clearer thinking
  4. Better sleep patterns
  5. Ecological sustainability-do your bit for the environment
  6. Economical benefits from reduced energy consumption
  7. A more comfortable and relaxing living space
glass juliet balcony

Letting the Light Through

Our Frameless Glass Balustrade Mini-Post system offered the perfect solution for our customer’s requirements.  This economic solution can be base, side, or core mounted and depending on the location of the balcony, toughened and laminated glass is available from 12mm to 17.5mm.  The mini-posts themselves are manufactured using 2205 grade duplex stainless steel which offers superior corrosion resistance and strength especially in coastal and high chloride locations.  A Stylish stainless steel slotted mini rail was used on this occasion to finish the look off.

The installation of a Frameless Juliet balcony has also brought more of the outdoors in.  When used with a low profile mini top rail, the balcony is manufactured from 13.5 mm toughened glass, or if completely frameless, laminated glass is used.

The Benefits of Sunlight

Let the Light Shine Through

If you’re not quite ready to install a glass balustrade or Juliet balcony system, and feel you are lacking natural sunlight, you could try the following:

  1. Try not to place dark and bulky furniture near the window
  2. Incorporate light colours in to your interior design ideas
  3. Pull those curtains back and open those blinds!  They may look lovely but you may be depriving yourself of those benefits above
  4. Take a walk during your lunch break whilst at work
  5. Use mirrors and accessories with shiny reflective surfaces
  6. If you have dark walls, use a lighter shade for your ceilings
  7. If near your windows, keep trees and bushes trimmed
  8. Make sure your windows are clean! Dirty windows block an awful lot of sunlight

We hope these little tips help.  If you have any questions about our stainless steel glass Balustrade and Juliet Balcony systems, please speak to one of our friendly team members.


Published: 4th November 2016

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