Frameless Balustrade Installations – with a great view

Over the past few months, we have been fortunate enough to work in some great locations that have offered spectacular views using our frameless balustrade installations.  Our installers are pure advocates of the uninterrupted views enabled by a frameless glass balustrade, often arriving back at the office feeling quite refreshed despite a hard days graft!  Here we will share with you some of the views they have shared with us, and a little information about the project in hand too.

Working with Architects in Alderney

This was one of the larger projects we worked on this year after our Complete Solution was specified for the job by the assigned architects.  Our QwickBuild aluminium deck frame was chosen for the substructure due to the superior durability it provides a deck with in a coastal location, and its suitability for installation over uneven ground.  ResortDeck composite decking in Seasalt was the perfect solution for the balcony and deck due to its anti-slip properties around an integrated hot tub spa area.  The job was finished off with our cleverly designed edge mounted Mini-Post frameless glass balustrade, which integrates with QwickBuild and our composite decking boards, to provide the complete solution.  And…… that spectacular view!  Read the full case study.Mini-Post Frameless Glass Balustrade overlooking Alderney

Maintaining the views in North London

Our client here has a large pond to the rear of her property and needed a safety railing on the perimeter of her lawn.  We were able to suggest our base mounted Mini-Post frameless glass balustrade for her specific installation requirements.  This offered our client the most durable balustrade system as the Mini-Posts are manufactured from Marine Grade 2205 Duplex stainless steel; perfect for installation near water.  Furthermore, the Mini-Post frameless glass balustrade range is less expensive than other frameless designs on the market.  Superior durability for a lower cost has therefore enabled superb customer value for a frameless glass balustrade that doesn’t compromise the view ahead.

Mini-Post frameless glass balustrade

Building The Dream in Dalgety Bay, Fife

This project was actually featured on the TV programme “Building the Dream” with Charlie Luxton.  Our side mounted channel frameless balustrade installations was chosen to keep the views of the Firth of Forth river estuary wide open, from every angle of our client’s living space.  Our glazing channel is manufactured from heavy duty extruded aluminium and is suitable for glass specifications from 12mm to 21.5mm.  Our client here chose not to include a mini top-rail in their design, however some customers think this complements the overall look. Furthermore, by including a mini top rail, customers can save on overall costs as a lesser glass thickness may be required for this elegant design.

Side mounted channel frameless glass balustrade

Battling The Weather In North Yorkshire

What you can see here is a beautiful view from our client’s house located in the North York Moors National Park, in the North East of England.   Although a beautiful day then, our client was the first to mention that weather conditions can become harsh, therefore wanted a system that offered the greatest resistance against corrosion.  As mentioned above, we were able to recommend our Marine Grade 2205 Duplex stainless steel mini-post system as the perfect solution for a balustrade designed to last.  Furthermore, our client chose to include a mini top-rail in his design.  Not only does this look great, it also saved him costs on an already excellent value frameless glass balustrade.

frameless glass balustrade views

We have a team of experts available to answer any queries you may have about our frameless balustrade installations and designs.  Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01254 825594, or via email at sales@elitebalustrade.com.   You can also get a quote or make a general enquiry online.  It is always better to contact us earlier, rather than later in the scope of your project, so we can propose a bespoke and customised design for any specific installation requirements. 

Published: 9th November 2017

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