When thinking about adding a railing system to your decking area don’t be afraid to mix materials up and get creative with what can be achieved as a decking railing solution.

Whether you have a traditional house design or a new modern feel to the property, a glass decking balustrade can blend in very well with your existing outdoor living space. With a vast range of styles to choose from, including tinted or clear glass panels, you are sure to find a solution for your decking space.

A raised deck patio area with a frameless glass balustrade as a decking railing solution

Always think about your must-have checklist: what are the most important achievements from including a decking balustrade and what you to use the space for. Once you are clear on these goals, you can start getting creative with the space at your disposal.

Whether it is a small or large decking area, a raised or low ground deck, straight forward or quirky shaped deck, a glass balustrade can be designed to meet your exact requirements, creating a bespoke glass railing solution made just for you.

A frameless glass balustrade design for an outdoor living space with steps

If you have a raised deck including steps and need the railing to run down the steps to, then you need to think about the best style of glass balustrade to achieve a tidy finish to the job. A frameless glass balustrade, especially our mini post solution, is usually our best recommendation for this scenario. Our glazing channel frameless balustrade can achieve a truly stunning finish as a decking railing system, where it is also possible to use decking fascia boards to hide the aluminium glazing channel base fixing so the glass the the only part of the balustrade on display.

Decking railing solution using a frameless glass balustrade system

Usually if you are working with a raised deck, then the main reason to add a railing system is safety: the correct railing chosen can create a more pleasant feel to the outdoor living space, a more inviting and user friendly atmosphere. If the aim is also to create a private area in your garden then a tinted glass balustrade can act as both a railing and privacy screen, providing you with a great socialising area whilst keeping it separate from the rest of the outdoor space. On the other hand, a clear glass balustrade can open a space even further and allow you to enjoy your views from any corner of your decking space.

Make sure to browse through our selection of glass balustrades designs and get in touch if you would like our expert advice on the best decking railing system for your project.

Published: 25th May 2016

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