Curved Glass Balustrade for Patios and Decking

This week sees us completing the installation of an impressive frameless curved  glass balustrade system for a large domestic property in Aberdeenshire.  The 12mm clear toughened glass panels were installed using our cost effective Mini Post system along the entire length of the rear of the house.    The outdoor area comprised of a large upper decking area and a small lower patio area.  Use of the Mini Post system enables either edge or base mounting so was the perfect solution for the project’s requirements.

As with all our projects, getting correct and accurate metrics is of great importance to ensure smooth operations throughout the supply chain and a happy end customer.  We visited site to measure the various arcs included within this 27 panel balustrade system.  Our team then used CAD software to produce a full CAD model based on the site dimensions to ensure a bespoke curved glass that was custom shaped to the curve of the existing decking before manufacture.  This is created

Why choose a curved glass balustrade?  Firstly they are a beautiful and stylish addition to any project and can be specified for a variety of domestic and commercial property situations to really add that prestigious look.  They may also be considered softer on the eye in rural areas and can be better used to compliment and harmonise with a building or design’s existing lines and features.  The aesthetic appeal of a curved curved glass balustrade will also last much longer than alternative options such as steel or wood with less maintenance required.   Therefore although more expensive at design stage, curved glass balustrades may offer a stronger investment in the long run.

Curved Frameless Glass Balustrade

Curved Frameless Glass Balustrade

Design considerations when thinking about installing a curved glass balustrade system include:

  • The thickness of the toughened glass required will depend on the curve radius of the panels required and the location of the balustrade
  • Thicker glass may be required if the balustrade is designed without a handrail
  • The type of surface the balustrade will be built upon and whether it is to be edge or post mounted
  • Your personal preferences: do you require a frameless, semi-framed, or framed balustrade system?

Our glass balustrade systems are designed and built to meet the highest safety standards; but they are only as strong as the structure they are fixed to. To ensure your build meets the mandatory building control requirements, the construction of your project must be able to support your desired balustrade design. We strongly advise you talk to us as early as possible in the design and build stage to establish whether the balustrade finish you desire is possible and meets budget requirements. We can also advise on the installation process early on to make sure the correct construction is being considered for the project.

Published: 23rd August 2016

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