Country living: balustrades for barns and farmhouse conversions

Country character properties are a delight and a privilege – to transform a barn or farmhouse into the home of your dreams takes careful planning and requires the highest quality materials to give you the results you deserve.

A glass balustrade can add character, light and value to a barn or farmhouse conversion, and can be the stunning focal point your property needs to shine.

Go Open Plan With A Stainless Steel Balustrade

Stainless Steel Balustrade on Balcony

One of the wonderful things in a modern barn or farmhouse conversion is the multitude of ways you can combine the original property with sleek, modern touches. A stainless steel balustrade can become a wonderful centre point to a character property conversion by:

  • Injecting an exciting mix of traditional and contemporary materials
  • Maximising the light that reaches the centre of your home
  • Opening up a formerly cramped space into an open-plan home

Our stainless steel balustrades are an economical way to transform your character property. With durable and stylish reinforced steel fittings, our framed balustrade systems only require glass panels of 10mm thickness, helping you to achieve the look you want without going over budget.

Glass Balustrades For Decks And Balconies

framed glass balustrade on balcony

One of the key factors in choosing character properties has to be the beauty of the surrounding environs: antiquated farmhouses in rolling countryside, enormous barns overlooking rivers and fields, even coastal properties with an ocean view.

Wherever your heart has taken you, installing a frameless glass balustrade system on a balcony or deck means you can look out over the beautiful surroundings as often as you please. With no posts or frame to interrupt your view, you can combine old and new in a totally seamless way – our extra thick glass panels offer style and security.

For coastal properties, our frameless mini post glass balustrades are a durable choice, combining the beauty of a frameless balustrade with the weather resistance of stainless steel mini posts clamps – ideal in areas with high levels of salt.

Give Your Character Property The Finishing Touch It Needs

framed glass balustrade system

Character properties are ripe with potential – often, the work needed is so extensive that what you’re working with is little more than an empty shell. And when you have such a wonderful open space, why not maximise that?

Transforming an old farm or barn conversion into a stunning modern home is a hard but rewarding task – an internal or external glass and stainless steel balustrade system will allow you to enjoy the results for years to come.

For more information on our bespoke glass balustrade solutions, contact a member of our design team on 01254 825 594.

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Published: 12th September 2016

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