This week it has been all about our composite decking and the design solutions it is possible to achieve with our innovative construction method.

A modern design for a composite decking patio area with a rooftop glass balcony

A recent customer in Berkshire required a low maintenance decking solution for a large patio area outside their newly built home. They were looking for a durable solution and did not want to waste precious outdoor time maintaining external flooring. On researching into our composite decking and receiving a sample pack they knew the product was perfect for their needs. We carried out a site visit and took the time to understand exactly what they were trying to achieve, and it was a pleasure for our design team to create a patio deck surrounding two sides of the stunning modern property. The decking was set to sit on uneven soil: but with our Qwickbuild aluminium structure we were able to reassure the customer their composite decking patio will be level and straight and importantly, that’s the way it would remain.

Qwickbuild composite decking structure design and installation guide


We also decided to incorporate matching decking fascia boards to design a border around the slightly raised deck. With the design finalised, we provided the customer with a true representation of the end result.

Once the customer had approved the patio deck design, they asked us to assist with a small rooftop area to potentially construct a balcony opening out from their master bedroom sliding doors.

A frameless mini post glass balustrade used to create a modern rooftop balcony solution


Again we were able to suggest the Qwickbuild structure for a composite decking external floor solution over the waterproof membrane rooftop, together with our frameless mini post glass balustrade system base mounted into the decking structure. This could all be carried out without penetrating the membrane. With photos taken during the site visit and additional photos of the rooftop balcony area provided by the customer, our design team then created a detailed CAD visualisation of the complete solution.

We cannot wait to start manufacturing this project and carry out the installation. It will be a truly amazing showcase of our product range and a true representation of the way outdoor living spaces are turning into a must have in new-build or home improvement projects. If you have the outdoor space, we can come up with a solution to suit your needs. Composite decking is a truly amazing external flooring solution, with benefits unmatched by traditional timber decking. A stronger and more durable construction, it can withstand British winter weather and still remain perfectly together, ready to be used as soon as you are ready to venture outside.

Published: 10th June 2016

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