Why Choose Our Frameless Mini Post Glass Balustrade Systems?

Our frameless mini-post system is one of our most popular glass balustrade solutions, and it’s no wonder – it’s beautiful and practical in equal measure. This week on the blog we’re taking a moment to look at some of the key advantages a frameless mini-post system can offer you, as well as some of the finer technical details so that you’re fully clued in when you come to make a decision.

What Makes Our Mini Post Glass Balustrades Special?

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There are a number of characteristics that make our frameless mini-post systems so attractive to customers, but aesthetics is definitely amongst the foremost of them. A stunningly contemporary design, the construction of our frameless glass balustrade gives it the appearance of a single continuous glass barrier, offering unparalleled views of the scenery beyond. This also gives it the maximum feel of openness and spaciousness, making it equally practical and attractive for both indoor and outdoor applications. Some popular settings include private balconies and terraces, and it’s often used to enclose gardens, decking or patio areas.

At Elite Balustrade, we’re proud to be able to offer you the option of a selection of glass tints, allowing your glass balustrade to double as a privacy screen if you so desire – or, you can simply choose one of our various shades according to what matches your personal tastes.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but also our frameless mini post design is renowned for being economical and cost effective, allowing you to design your glass balustrade on a budget without compromising on either its quality or safety. It’s also low-maintenance, so although it does need occasional cleaning and upkeep this task rarely requires intensive effort.

The Strengths And Capabilities Of Our Glass Balustrade Solutions

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At Elite Balustrade, we hold all of our products to the same rigorous standard – like the rest of our product range, our mini-post glass balustrades are processed through the ISO 9001 Factory Control System, and meets all UK Building Regulations and Standards. They’re also all CE marked, which confirms that they adhere to EU health, safety and environmental regulations.

The posts themselves are manufactured using 2205-grade duplex stainless steel, guaranteeing superior corrosion resistance against rain, snow and other adverse weather.

The glass panels we use for our frameless mini-post system are available in toughened and laminated glass between 12mm and up to 17.5mm in thickness. In case you’re wondering about the number of panels you may need, we’ve elaborated on this in more detail in a previous blog. However, to sum it up we’d generally recommend glass panels that are no greater than 1.2m in width, with a 10mm gap in between each one.

We find many of our customers asking after the integrity of the glass in our balustrades, and the relative forces it’s able to withstand. While obviously you should always try and avoid subjecting your glass balustrades to any physical punishment at all, having said that our balustrades are supremely capable of withstanding casual bumps and knocks, and often even more serious impacts.

If ever it does crack, the glass won’t shatter like that of, say, a common window. Instead it’s designed to break inwards (much like the screen of your mobile phone). That ultimately means that while its integrity will still be compromised, you won’t have to worry about tiny shards of glass flying everywhere – safety is a key priority for us here at Elite Balustrade!

Should I Get A Frameless Mini-Post Balustrade?

If you’re still deciding on whether a frameless mini-post glass balustrade is right for you, take a look at our gallery to see how other customers are already making use of theirs! Alternatively, you can browse our full range of glass balustrade systems to see if anything catches your eye. Don’t forget, our sales team is always on hand to answer any questions – you can reach us on 01254 825 594. We’re here to help!

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Published: 8th June 2017

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