This week we have put our visualisation skills to the test, creating a much bespoke rooftop balcony solution utilising our stainless steel semi-framed glass balustrade.

Our project management team carried out a site visit to the property to inspect the rooftop balcony and understand which glass railing system would best suit the scenario. The balcony had an existing stainless steel railing balustrade at the sides of the area which were in a very good condition and a shame to remove. Therefore we decided to place semi-framed glass panels just to the front of each side, creating a modern contrast between the two styles.


bespoke rooftop balcony

In this instance we decided to utilise the semi-framed glass balustrade range because of the stainless steel posts present between each glass panel which would blend in with the existing railings whilst still providing a nice view for the customer when utilising the balcony because of the absence of a handrail over the top of the glass.

The balustrade posts can be securely base mounted onto the existing patio flooring, making the installation process quick and straight forward. A positive of utilising this system is also the reduced glass specification required: even though it is a fifth floor balcony we were able to design the solution with just a 12.8mm toughened and laminated glass because of the posts supporting the panels at each end. This kept the costs down for the customer and provided the best possible solution at the most competitive price.


bespoke rooftop balcony


We really enjoyed this design: the railings blend in really well with the exterior of the building, provide an urban feel to the city centre balcony. Because we tackle each project differently, we are able to utilise our resources to design a bespoke balustrade solution each time instead of just offering a standard range. We always add a personal touch to our work, caring for the customer’s requirements and their investment in the properties. We understand the trust customers wish to find with the professionals they bring in to carry out the build and we always make sure we leave a completed project with a very happy and satisfied home owner.

Published: 26th February 2016

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