Balustrade solutions for new build homes

When someone says “character property”, we automatically think of older builds – Victorian terraces, Georgian mansions, and quirky cottages in beautiful rural locations. But why shouldn’t a new build have character?

This week, we’re talking about how a glass balustrade system could help your new build stand out from the crowd and make it a real investment if you’re looking to sell up.

Open up your space with an interior glass balustrade system

While your new build home may look like every other from the outside, there’s nothing to stop you making a big statement with the interior. A glass balustrade on your stairs and landing can open up even the cosiest of interiors, maximising light transmission and creating a bold style without compromising on safety.

Our framed glass balustrade systems are an affordable way to add value to your new build property, adding a sense of timeless style to your home. The chic and hardwearing stainless steel posts mean that the glass panels can be as thin as 10mm, making a framed glass balustrade a great way to add something unique to your interior design without coming in over budget.

Juliet Balconies: Perfect For New Build Townhouses

If your property is of the tall, thin variety – like many contemporary urban and suburban townhouses – chances are that your outdoor space is limited. A glass and stainless steel juliet balcony is a wonderful addition to the upper floors, opening up bedrooms and allowing in plentiful natural light and fresh air.

glass and stainless steel juliet balcony

Elite Balustrade can create a bespoke juliet balcony to suit your home. We offer framed and frameless glass balustrade systems, all of which are pre-fabricated in our UK workshop using the strictest quality control systems. Installation is quick, safety is paramount and the end result is just stunning.

Transform your garden with a raised decking

Adding a raised, decked area to your garden can be like adding a whole new room to your home. Whether it’s somewhere for the little ones to play in the sun, or a space for you to relax at the end of a long day with a book and a glass of something bubbly, a versatile outdoor space can add real value to your property.

composite decking area

Our frameless glass balustrade systems are the perfect finishing touch to balconies and decks. Made from the highest quality materials, our balustrades offer you uninterrupted views out over your garden with no compromise on safety standards. They feature extra-thick glazing and durable stainless steel clamps, so you can enjoy your outdoor space in complete comfort.

Beauty & Value: Glass Balustrades For New Build Homes

Whether your new build property is your forever home or just somewhere to stay along the way, a glass balustrade system – whether framed or frameless – is a sound investment that can be tailored to your home, your style and your budget.

Glass Balustrade at a new build home

Our affordable framed and semi-framed glass balustrades work equally well indoors and out, while our frameless and mini post glass balustrades are just as versatile and feature more discreet steelwork.

New build homes – and any homes, for that matter – can always benefit from a touch of character. Our glass balustrade systems are a timeless way to add style and value to your new build home, giving you a property to enjoy – or profit from – for years to come.

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Published: 5th September 2016

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