Balustrade systems are now a must-have when it comes to house building and it all started during the time of the Great Roman Empire, when the elite community wanted to include eye-catching stone balconies to their mansions, both as an internal and external feature.

Today there are many types of balustrade systems; therefore it it is important to make sure the right system is chosen for your build project or renovation.

A small house may not be able to enjoy an great balcony like a larger build would, but they can still use a glass balustrade to their advantage: a frameless glass balustrade for their interior staircase and landing could do wonders in terms of creating light and space inside the property. Also a simple juliet balcony design on the bedroom windows can create that balcony feeling without spending to many resources and time on construction, bringing on outdoor feel to an indoor space.

Larger houses can enjoy the freedom of architectural design in terms of making use of a glass balustrade system on the exterior of their property. A balustrade system can be a simple straight run along one side of the property or go as far as running along the whole perimeter of the house.

The architectural design of a property always needs to be taken into consideration when thinking about a balustrade system, making sure the design chosen will compliment the existing feel of the property, enhancing the value and aesthetics.

With a stainless steel and glass balustrade you can enjoy a long life cycle with minimum maintenance compared to the original stone builds or wood balustrades. A glass balustrade can also be considered for use in a garden, where usually a wood balustrade would have been used, this again would make sure you spend more time enjoying your outdoor space rather than maintaining it.

Published: 27th July 2015

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