Why Choose a Glass Balustrade Kit that’s Made In Britain?

In 2015, Elite Balustrade Systems were accredited with the Made In Britain marque after eight years manufacturing in the stainless steel and glass balustrade kit market.  The main aim of having this was to reassure both our prospective and existing clients that by buying a glass balustrade kit from us, they were investing in a product manufactured to the highest British standards.  One that was been designed and built to stand the test of time guaranteed through rigorous testing, a strict approach to quality, and superior durability.  There are, however, several additional reasons to buy a British manufactured glass balustrade kit.  These will be discussed here.

The Environment

Global Warming is a major environmental concern that must not be overlooked; if not for ourselves, certainly for our future generations.  There is currently a big drive for us to reduce our consumption especially in the case of our carbon footprint.  Only buying products from overseas due to their cheaper prices involves much higher carbon emissions caused by various means of transportation.  This is to send materials and components from the UK for manufacture in other countries, which then need to be returned to the UK as complete products.  If made in Britain, a product may have a carbon footprint of 180 miles, whereas if manufactured abroad, this could be 10,000 miles! A balustrade kit from Elite Balustrade Systems Ltd is designed and manufactured bespoke to customer requirements in our UK based factory, prior to dispatch and installation on site.  Skillfully made, high quality products that are better for the environment, sounds better than cheaply made, low quality products that are bad for the environment; wouldn’t you agree?

Frameless glass balustrade kit

The Economy

Investing in British products means keeping generations of skilled craftsmanship in UK manufacturing and therefore helps to secure employment for present and future workers in the sector.  Furthermore, it not only supports traditions, but also innovations where companies can introduce even better products for meeting customer requirements leading to increased market demand and growth in the economy.

glass balustrade kit packed on A Frame Pallet

Unique Products

By choosing to invest in British manufacturing, customers can expect to find products that are unique and not carbon copies of what everyone else owns. Many British products are very difficult to imitate to the same standards elsewhere due to the skilled craftsmanship and heritage behind their manufacture.  At Elite Balustrade Systems Limited, we are always looking for ways to improve our offering to meet the increasingly sophisticated, and sometimes, complex problem solving faced by our clients in creating their perfect outdoor living space.  Our Mini-Post frameless glass balustrade kit range is the perfect example of this where we have been able to offer a frameless balustrade at a much lower price than other frameless designs, however with components manufactured to offer superior corrosion resistance.  This creates amazing value for our clients.

Mini-Post glass balustrade kit fixed on to QwickBuild and ResortDeck

Working Conditions

Products manufactured overseas are often done so under extremely poor working conditions, and often through slave labour.  By choosing to buy British, customers can have a clear conscience that the people who have made their products are treated fairly in a safe and comfortable working environment.

Customer Service

When customers buy from overseas, it can often be difficult to communicate any problems to the relevant department or person.  This may be due to, for example, poor infrastructure and resources, or language barriers.  When buying from a British manufacturer, customers can be reassured that they will be able to get through to someone should they experience any difficulties with their product.  In many cases, issues can be resolved on the spot, rather than having to wait days or weeks for a response to an email sent to a foreign manufacturer.

Customers who purchase their glass balustrade kit from Elite Balustrade Systems have access to an in-house design and project management team who dedicate their time to creating bespoke solutions that meet specific requirements.  From initial enquiry through to delivery or installation, customers can be reassured our full attention and commitment in ensuring the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Designer at work

To conclude…

There are clear benefits of buying British manufactured products.  They may not always offer the cheapest solution in the first instance, however, they often offer the superior quality that British manufacturing is renowned for on a global level.  In most cases, paying the slightly higher price for a product designed to last is the real value that customers need and want.

If you are thinking of buying a stainless steel and glass balustrade kit for installation or supply only, do not hesitate to contact our team with any queries you have.  You can reach us by phone on 01254 825594, by email sales@elitebalustrade.com or through our online enquiry form.   Also, why not check out some inspiration from our Facebook and Twitter feeds.




Published: 25th August 2017

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