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What Balustrade system to use where and why?

Choosing a Balustrade for your project can be a difficult decision with so many aspects to consider when making the choice.  Things to consider prior to making your decision are Safety, Specification, Construction, Fixing, Weight, Aesthetics, TimingCost, Waterproofing and installation.

Safety is critical when choosing the correct product.  Your balustrade supplier should be able to provide you with certification or test results prior to ordering.  
It is very important that the system you choose has been tested to meet the applicable loadings to suit the installation location. Do not assume that all systems are the same and they will all meet the requirements.
For confirmation of what loading your balustrade will have to meet can be found here:
How much does a Balustrade Cost?
There is one phrase I use regularly and it is “the less you see the more you pay”, the rule being wrought iron railings are generally the most cost effective and a totally frameless glass balustrade being the most expensive solution. Prices can range from £100 per meter for the cheapest railings and up to £800 per meter for a top commercial specification. 
Planning for a Balustrade on your project

Planning in key in any project, if a balustrade has been specified on your project it is essential that the correct structure is installed to support the balustrade.  All balustrades should be tested and certified to withstand certain loads to meet building regulations for residential, office or commercial applications but they are only as strong as the structure they are fixed to. It is essential that the substructure is designed to meet the requirements of the system that you are specifying.

A Balustrade is generally one of the last elements to be installed on a build.  It may be wise to plan ahead and install fixing plates or brackets prior to completing the build this ensures the building can be made watertight earlier than anticipated and not be compromised during the Balustrade installation.

Speak to your Balustrade supplier and ask their advice and recommendations on the correct substructure to support the system you have chosen and at what stage they recommend the balustrade is installed.  Refer this information to your architect, builder, structural engineer or client.


If you have a view that you want to make the most of then a Glass Balustrade would probably be the preferred option but if you’re looking for privacy then a more solid or screening product would be more beneficial.  Other options are Wind or Weather protection and there are specialist products available for this application.  Things to consider are light, overlooking neighbours and of course planning.  Any choices on design will have to be agreed by your local planning department to avoid future issues.
Specifying a Balustrade for your project

Once you have decided on what type of Balustrade you would like, talk to the experts to find out which system will be more suited to your project.  Things to consider are Ease of Installation, Drainage, Waterproofing, Weight, Use, Privacy and Height.

Get numerous quotes and compare the systems before making your choice, although the systems may all look similar they will be technical differences such as Glass thickness, strength and fixing methods all of which have implications on the system you choose.

From experience don’t be guided by cost, some of the cheaper systems on the market could end up costing more in the long run if the planning and preparation are not in place to suit the project.

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Published: 18th November 2022

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