Which Balustrade Should You Use Around Water?

Our bespoke balustrade systems are designed to offer you optimum performance, whether you install them as a stunning feature inside your home, or outside.

This week on the blog, we’re taking a look at the best balustrade system for use around water – whether that’s for added security near pools, ponds and water features, or in coastal areas.

Extra Durability, For A Balustrade That Will Last

glass balustrade near the coast

For homes in seaside locations, we recommend using our stylish frameless mini post balustrade systems, which offer all the style of a frameless balustrade with added durability.

The mini post brackets used for these attractive, frameless glass balustrade systems are manufactured with extra resilience in mind, and use superior 2205 grade duplex steel.

Grade 2205 stainless steel offers excellent corrosion resistance, delivering superb performance and lasting strength in marine and high chloride environments, which makes balustrades manufactured from this hard-wearing material a sound, long-term investment.

Our stainless steel mini post balustrade systems are available in brushed satin polish, but Elite Balustrade particularly recommends a mirror polished finish for optimum and long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

Shelter And Security With Balustrades

Our frameless mini post balustrades provide an effective buffer against coastal winds, allowing you to enjoy the patio or decked area of your seaside property even on cooler days.

Likewise, if rain and salt residue mean that areas of your outdoor space become slippery, our bespoke balustrades can be customised with an attractive stainless steel rail for added security and peace of mind.

Transform your outdoor space with a stainless steel balustrade, and you could find that a once neglected part of your garden or deck becomes a sheltered, family friendly location to enjoy on fine days.

Premium Pool-side Privacy From Glass Balustrades

poolside balustrade

All of our glass and stainless steel balustrades can be customised with bespoke glazing, allowing you to add extra privacy to your pool-side areas should you prefer.

Our coloured, frosted and etched glass offers an attractive screen between you and your neighbours, offering great levels of light transmission but a little bit of seclusion so you can enjoy your space without being overlooked.

Bespoke balustrades to suit your exact requirements

At Elite Balustrade, we know that one size never fits all. Our bespoke balustrade solutions are designed to suit you: your property, your unique requirements, and your budget.

Our design and planning experts can talk you through your options, and come up with a mini post balustrade solution to suit your outdoor space.

Whether you’re looking to screen off a pool or water feature, or you want some shelter from a coastal breeze, we’ve got the solution for you. Call us today on 01254 825 594 or browse our range of frameless mini post balustrades for more inspiration.

Find out more about how one of our stainless steel balustrades could transform your outdoor space, call 01254 825 594

Published: 14th October 2016

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