A New Concept for a Frameless Glass Balustrade

We recently introduced the side mounted mini-post glass clamp to our portfolio as another fixing method for a frameless glass balustrade.  This has served to further increase the versatility of our balustrade systems in their suitability for most installation and fixing scenarios including timber, steel, and concrete.  Now our customers not only benefit from having more options for their build requirements, they also have more options for their preferred design whether this be a base, edge, or now side mounted mini-post frameless glass balustrade.

Side mounted mini post frameless glass balustrade

One advantage of the side mounted mini-post is that a completely frameless look is achieved from the inside, whilst the clamps themselves can add to the aesthetic beauty of the design from the outside.  Furthermore as the glass panels are held securely in place approximately 58mm from the edge, this creates a drainage solution which other frameless glass balustrade options don’t.  Therefore the side mounted mini post creates an ideal design solution for a frameless glass balustrade around roof terraces and raised decking areas.

Side mounted frameless glass balustrade

For this particular project, our client required both straight and curved glass panels.  To aid fast and easy installation on site, the balustrade system was designed and manufactured in our UK based workshop, to meet exact project requirements.  The curved element of the balustrade was to form part of a safe seating area around circular fire pit.  Glass thickness of 12mm was used, and in this case no slotted mini top rail was included in the design.  In many cases, a mini top rail is preferred as some customers believe it creates a finishing touch.  Others prefer without for the completely frameless look.  Either way, we recommend checking specific requirements with your local building control.

Side mounted mini post frameless glass balustrade

All of our mini post designs provide an economical solution for a frameless glass balustrade without ever compromising on safety. Both toughened and toughened and laminated glass is available in varying thicknesses from 12mm to 17.5mm depending on the location of the balustrade. The mini posts are manufactured from marine grade 2205 duplex stainless steel which offer the best possible corrosion resistance, especially in coastal, high chloride, high humidity, and high pollution areas.   Available for supply only or installation too, all of our balustrade systems are manufactured through strict ISO9001 factory control systems.  They meet and exceed building regulations, standards, and load requirements.  We are  proud to carry the Made In Britain marque, reassuring customers that our balustrade kits are manufactured to the highest British standards.  They are also CE marked for their quality and design.

Side mounted mini post frameless glass balustrade

If you have an idea in mind for a frameless glass balustrade, we have the perfect solutions.  Talk to Charlotte today on 01254 825594  to discuss how we can turn your ideas into design and reality.  Alternatively email our team via sales@elitebalustrade.com, request a call-back, or make an online enquiry.

Published: 22nd May 2017

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