3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Balustrade System

Investing in a bespoke balustrade system is no small thing, so it’s important to know what to expect from the process, and what you can do to make everything run more smoothly.

In this week’s blog post, we’re taking a look at three things you should do when choosing and ordering a bespoke balustrade system to help ensure you get the final results you want.

Think Specification

Our stainless steel and glass balustrades can be installed inside or outside your property; as a result, specification will vary hugely. Where do you want your new balustrade system to be located? If inside, will it need a hand-rail? If outside, will it require extra weather-proofing?

Have a good think about what’s important to you in a balustrade system – make a list and keep it with you when you’re discussing your individual requirements.

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Think Style

One of the most immediate considerations for a new balustrade system is how it’s going to look. There’s plenty to think about, too – do you prefer a frameless glass balustrade? Will that fit in your budget? Semi-framed glass balustrades are an economical and attractive alternative.

Our bespoke glass balustrades are entirely customised to your personal specifications – from the frame to the posts and glazing, there’s plenty to consider.

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Think Planning

Balustrade systems are classed as barriers by the British Standards Institution, and are subject to planning permission regulations. Exactly which regulations depends on their location, style, height, your property type and more, so it’s worth having a thorough read and talking to an expert about your options.

Elite Balustrade’s design and project team is happy to chat with you about the kind of bespoke balustrade you could install at your property – contact us here for a free, no obligation quote or drop into our Blackburn showroom for a look at the balustrade systems we have on display.

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How To Order

If you’re considering including a stainless steel and glass balustrade system somewhere on your property, it’s wise to talk to an expert as soon as possible to determine whether the location you’ve decided on – and the structure or ground around it – will be suitable.

In some cases, we’ll be able to help you find an alternative solution if the original plan can’t be put into place, so it’s always worth getting in touch.

Once you’ve fixed on a definite location, we’ll need measurements, pictures and blue-prints if available – our team can advise you on the best way to source and send these. A 10% deposit will secure the project, and get work underway.

Having a bespoke balustrade system designed and installed on your property isn’t as complicated as you might think – as long as you get it right. At Elite Balustrade, we have years of experience in keeping our customers happy, so why not contact us for a free quote today?

Find out more about our bespoke balustrade systems or how to order. Follow us on Twitter @EliteBalustrade.


Published: 24th October 2016

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