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  • Semi-Framed Glass Balustrade

    Design your own semi-framed glass balustrade for your garden or indoors online in just a few easy steps

  • Semi-Framed Glass Balustrade

    A stainless steel semi-framed glass balustrade allows minimal interruptions of the visual aesthetics of a build or garden area

  • Semi-Framed Glass Balustrade

    Our semi-framed glass railing system is the perfect solution for a garden balustrade

  • Semi-Framed Glass Balustrade

    Our semi-framed balustrades are available in a selection of colour tints to create a privacy screen solution for your garden

Semi-Framed Glass Balustrade

An economical glass balustrade solution for any garden decking or patio area with minimal interruptions of the views

A modern and stylish glass garden balustrade with fast and easy installation

Why choose a semi-framed glass balustrade railing system for your garden

Our stainless steel semi-framed framed glass balustrade is an affordable design for a stylish garden balustrade without compromising on aesthetics, quality and safety. A low maintenance solution, it will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space while still enjoying your surroundings thanks to an intelligence stainless steel post design that safely secures the glass panels in place without the need of a top handrail.

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Only a 10mm glass thickness specification is required to meet all UK Building Regulations & Standards, making it a very popular solution when a quick turn-around is required. Still easily customisable, it can provide the finishing touch to the even the most quirky of settings, and can be installed in garden areas without the need for any specialised equipment, perfect for a ‘do-it-yourself’ project.

Also available for interior designs, it a truly versatile glass railing solution that requires very little maintenance and can withstand even the harshest of environments.

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