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  • Framed Glass Balustrade

    Design your own framed glass balustrade online in just a few easy steps

  • Framed Glass Balustrade

    A stainless steel framed glass balustrade can be used for a variety of commercial and residential applications

  • Framed Glass Balustrade

    Our framed system can easily be side mounted to a decking or patio area to create a perfect garden balustrade

  • Framed Glass Balustrade

    Our framed balustrades are available in a selection of colour tints to create a privacy screen solution

Framed Glass Balustrade

A strong and durable framed stainless steel and glass panel balcony solution that's easily customisable to meet your exact requirements

A glass railing solution based on simplicity with fast and easy installation

Why choose a stainless steel framed glass balustrade railing system

Our stainless steel framed glass balustrade is a simple yet effective design, perfect for a balcony or raised garden area creating a feeling of safety when enjoying the outdoor space. Due to its well-known durability it is the most commonly used railing system for environments with greater pedestrian traffic. Available in a variety of tinted glass it is a very popular choice for an effective privacy screen solution, creating a closed and personal environment whilst still enjoying the outdoors.

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Because of the clever design with stainless steel posts surrounding each glass panels, only a 10mm glass thickness specification is required even for a raised balcony area, thus making it a very economical solution to provide a stylish finish to a project on a set budget.

Available in both side and base mounted profiles, it can be designed to suite a variety of installations, still providing the flexibility of a bespoke design to meet specific requirements.

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