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Glass Balustrade Access Solution


A Composite Decking And Glass Balustrade Access Solution

Recently we took part in the renovation of an existing build that had been affected by flooding of the River Thames in Chertsey, Surrey. An architect took on the project to create a flood resistance property by raising the ground floor by one level adding a flood chamber underneath. The customer then required an access solution at the side and back of the property.

Utilising our Qwickbuild aluminium structure we were able to create a balcony platform resting on timber posts. We then manufactured timber frames for the steps and completed the flooring with our Resortdeck composite decking boards. A frameless glass balustrade was then specified for both access areas running along the sides of the balcony and down the steps, secured in place using grade 2205 duplex stainless steel standoff clamps, offering superior corrosion resistance for this type of outdoor environment.

Once the customer approved our design solution we were able to prefabricate the majority of the project in-house before starting on site. The attention to detail during this project was second to none: for both access sections we had to make sure the timber sub-structure for the steps was perfect and integrated seamlessly with the Qwickbuild frame used for the balcony flooring. Our composite decking fascia boards were utilised to create a stylish and modern look around the side profiles of the steps and the balcony, with the standoff glass clamps then fixed securely in place ready for the frameless balustrade. All the glass utilised was specified as toughened and laminated even though a stainless steel handrail was included for the access area at the side of the property, providing the client with the choice to remove the rail in the future.

A frameless glass juliet balcony was also installed on the top level of the property, remaining consistent with the design by securing one glass panel in place utilising the same stand off clamps and stainless steel handrail as the balustrades.

Thanks to an expert in-house design and project management team and a product portfolio working in perfect harmony together, we are able to take on bespoke projects such as this one and dedicate our full attention in making sure we meet customer requirements exactly.

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